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I Really Enjoy Being With Myself--No FOMO

I Really Enjoy Being With Myself--No FOMO
A lot of people think I’m always out and about, but those who TRULY know me know that there’s nothing I enjoy more than being cocooned up in my house, on my couch and wrapped in my Snuggie. Give me some Netflix or old sitcoms on YouTube and I am good. Those who know me... Read more »

Borders Was More Than Books

Borders Was More Than Books
One of the first things I read when I checked my e-mail this morning was a “Fond Farewell” message from Borders CEO, Mike Edwards, confirming the closing of the Borders chain. Borders has been “igniting the love of reading” for more than 40 years, and I’m taking the news kind of hard. One of the... Read more »

A Day of Gifts That Keep on Giving: I can be nice and thoughtful sometimes

A Day of Gifts That Keep on Giving: I can be nice and thoughtful sometimes
While wandering Union Station trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch, I stopped in the little store that has all the magazines, candy, neck pillows and pretty much anything else travelers or people wandering on their lunch breaks could want. BAM! Soon as I walk in I see a copy of The Happiness Project.... Read more »

#Awkward: I refuse to eat pizza with a fork

I believe in wearing proper attire depending on the event, practicing etiquette and displaying social graces, but sometimes I get really annoyed trying to eat not-so-fancy food in fancy settings. Last week, they ordered in pizza at my job and after a few bites I look up and around the table and notice that everyone... Read more »


I had the fortunate opportunity to interview Laz Alonso a couple of years back, around the time of the release of Spike Lee’s flim, Miracle at St. Anna. You can read the write up and listen to part 1 of the phone interview below. Listening to the audio brought back a few memories…   Journalist... Read more »

Lemme Put You Up On Game 101: Writers Edition Part 2 feat. Elizabeth Gilbert

Now, I can’t talk about Tyler Perry without tipping my hat to Elizabeth Gilbert, aka Ms. Eat, Pray, Love. I imagine white women swarmed for this film just like colored girls did for Tyler and actually, Elizabeth’s pimp hand is a little bit stronger because she got considerable support from the sistas, too. I missed... Read more »

Pampering for a Purpose and the Fight Against Diabetes

I’ve been kind of sad lately because I haven’t been able to get out to as many events as I’d like to. Usually I’m always “somewhere” doing “something” but my financial circumstances as of late haven’t really allowed for that. I’m not sad about missing events, because really I’m kind of an anti-social person and... Read more »
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