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What I learned throwing rocks in the pond: A photo story

I learned  a lot this morning while throwing rocks in the pond and watching the ripples tell a story.   I like to hold things. I like to throw things. My rocks this morning were really intentions. Choices. Decisions. Prayers.   I threw my prayers in the water, aiming for the sun’s reflection as my bullseye. It’s such a... Read more »

Gwendolyn Brooks Stamp: Can one woman resurrect the art of letter writing?

Gwendolyn Brooks Stamp: Can one woman resurrect the art of letter writing?
This morning I spent nearly $20 on two books of stamps, just to get four (two on each book) of the individual stamps I really wanted: the new Gwendolyn Brooks stamp from the Twentieth-Century Poets collection. I knew I had to run out and get them after I saw a friend share  a picture of Ms.... Read more »

A Green Line Ditty: poetry in motion

A Green Line Ditty: poetry in motion
  I wish the people knew they as elevated as the trains be, higher than that really. On the ground chasing green flippin green smoking green. Im on that Green moving toward sumthin better. I know im elevated.   Sunday at 8:59am via Mobile Web ·  · ·

The Rose That Grew From Concrete: Being attractive in the hood is a gift and a curse, I say

  “Standing at the bus stop in the middle of 51st st, i must really look like the rose that grew from concrete. Ninjas in cars ninjas on corners say things meant to pass for compliments. I wonder would they know what to do with a garden or would they snatch and pluck the petals... Read more »

Today. Is.

  Today is not the day the gas is supposed to be cut off. It is not the day my car is still on E.Today is not the day I wonder if someone will call about a job.Today is not the day I’m haunted by painful memories left by my ex.Today is not the day... Read more »