What I learned throwing rocks in the pond: A photo story

I learned  a lot this morning while throwing rocks in the pond and watching the ripples tell a story.


holding rock

I like to hold things. I like to throw things. My rocks this morning were really intentions. Choices. Decisions. Prayers.


ripple start

I threw my prayers in the water, aiming for the sun's reflection as my bullseye. It's such a violent act, to cast my stone. Intential. Deliberate. Definitive. One shot. One point of contact.


wide ripples

Tiny rocks make big ripples. From one point comes a beautiful ripple of vibrations. Effects. Expansion. Consequences. Outcomes. No longer contained to just me. Yet somehow, always coming back to me.

wider ripple

The center gets still and quiet, but the ripples keep going. They look like record grooves to me. And the beat goes on. I keep playing the same song over and over...


zoomed ripple

I want to get closer to that feeling. Zoom in. The ripples start to thin out before they reach me on the pier. Everything melts together. One.


blurred ripples

Dive into it. A blurry dance on the pond. Same ripples, just magnified. Can I still make sense of things when I'm in it, or do I need to be further away...keep the ripples wide?



Infinity. A perfect ripple with light in the center. My affirmative thoughts make water vibrations. "I am enough."..."I am capable.".... "I deserve happiness."..."I deserve love."...."I deserve abundance."..."I access God's creativity."...As above, so below. Reflections.

casting pool

Ha! It's actually called the "Casting Pool". "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous be shaken." - Psalm 55:22 NIV

The ripples eventually dissipate to calm. The stones I cast in this life are mine. Still learning to ride the waves of my actions.

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