Back to School Shopping Giveaway: Introducing the "Auntie Ella Scholarship" 2013

Back to School Shopping Giveaway: Introducing the "Auntie Ella Scholarship" 2013
Alexandria "Auntie Ella" Washington with me and my cousin

I love back to school season. As a grown woman, I still love buying up fresh spiral notebooks, gel pens and crayons. For myself, not kids. I remember the excitement of the night before the first day of school and the anticipation of rocking a new ‘fit, which of course, was laid out perfectly all the way down to the shoes, socks and panties I was gonna wear.

My mother became a single mother when I was 6 and my brother was 16. We struggled and “school shopping” wasn’t something that my mother could really do when I was growing up. Thank God for aunts. Sometimes my Auntie Ann on my dad’s side and my Auntie Connie on my mom’s side would take me school shopping. It’s a blessing when family can stand in the gap and I loved being able to get new stuff like the other kids.

My mother was a generous woman with whatever little she had, but throughout the years it’s always kind of bothered me that she and my immediate family were usually the ones being given to and never very often the givers. That’s one reason why I chose to create this award.

Through me, my mother – known as “Auntie Ella” to all of my cousins – can now do all the back to school shopping she wasn’t financially able to do when she was alive and bless another single parent in need.

I’m starting small for 2013, but it’s my hope and intention to grow in future years, helping more children and parents each year. If anyone knows a quick way for me to get rich, please let me know! In the meantime, I’m starting where I am with what I have. With that, I present the Auntie Ella Scholarship and award criteria:


The Auntie Ella Scholarship will award (1) $300 back to school shopping spree to a single parent and (1) complimentary haircut/hairstyle (for the student) in 2013. This scholarship is created in loving memory of Alexandria Washington (known as “Auntie Ella” by her many nieces and nephews) by her daughter Sandria Washington.

  1. 1.       Written nominations of 500 words or less expressing why the parent is deserving and in need of this scholarship will be accepted August 1, 2013 through August 18, 2013. All submissions should be sent to: with “Auntie Ella Scholarship” in the subject line. Note: Parent cannot self-nominate.
  2. 2.       “Single parent” is defined as a household headed by a single father, mother or guardian as the primary provider.
  3. 3.       Nominees must reside in the Chicagoland area.

Winner will be contacted by the end of August. Shopping trip and haircut/style will be coordinated at that time.

Special thank you to Emon Fowler of The Harriet Experiment and Kojo Hughes of Amazon Natural Essentials Salon & Spa for donating their services.


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