Russell Simmons "Super Rich" way to turn your life around

Russell Simmons "Super Rich" way to turn your life around
The second opinion you're looking for is your own belief. -- Sandria Washington

The last couple of weeks, I've been reading Super Rich by Russell Simmons and in it he shares an example from his yoga teacher, Lady Ruth, that compares life to riding the subway. "When you realize that you're going the wrong way, you don't stay in your seat. Instead, you get up, get off your train, go to the opposite track, and get on one heading the other way. Your approach to life shouldn't be any different." (p. 11).

For most of my life, I was that person that stayed on the wrong train way too long. I stayed at parties/events long after I knew I was ready to leave; stayed past the expiration in relationships; waited for somebody else to tell me it was time to go...many examples. I've learned to exercise more discernment.

There's a difference between quitting and knowing when you're headed the wrong way and need to get off to get back on track. I had to stop caring about looking crazy, indecisive, fickle. It's not for everyone or anyone else to understand my moves, particularly if they're on the wrong train, too, but don't wanna get off.

It's definitely worth taking some time to check in with yourself periodically - maybe throughout today-- and ask, "Is this my stop?"


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