How to dance on this tightrope called Life

“Dance as if all the world is a stage; yet, dance as if only God is watching.”-- Sandria Washington

Today, I gave my friend a card and this quote comes from the note I wrote inside. She is a passionate lover of music, dance and living life. Her spirit and watching how she moves through life got me thinking about how I move through life and inspired those words.

When I go about my life, I never know who’s watching what I do but someone is always watching. Sometimes with loving eyes, but sometimes not. That is the risk taken when living life out loud. It’s a vulnerable space. As such, I always want to do my best…do it like “I’m doing it for TV!”—Ha!

Yes, all the world is a stage and I want to give my best performance. But, it’s a balancing act, this tightrope walk through life. I’m aware that others may be watching but I’m also equally aware that it’s not about the eyes of outsiders. My eyes are watching God. I strive to move through life as if it’s only me and Him on this big stage and in the audience. Just the two of us.

Sometimes, my steps are graceful and fluid. Other times, they are staccato break beats with scratches. God sees it all and I keep dancing. He orders my steps.




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