Glenn Lewis "Don't You Forget It" and the rhythm of my life

Back in '85, DeBarge urged us to "feel the beat of the rhythm of the night," but these days I'm focused on feeling the beat of the rhythm of my LIFE. Most days, it feels like a movie and I wonder, What would be my theme song? What songs would be on my soundtrack?

I was diggin in the Youtube crates not too long ago (like I often do) and pulled out one of my favorite soul joints from back in the day, Glenn Lewis' "Don't You Forget It."

It's so crazy when I hear a song I haven't heard in years. It's like I'm hearing it with brand new ears. It's takes on totally new meaning. This one is speaking the gospel truth to my life right now. I must have played it on repeat at least 30 times that first night.

Far away from the life so young
That's when you used to know
Many dreams since then you've had have come and gone
The time might show But stress, don't you let in, don't you forget it
Trust you'll find your way love
Hope is what your heart is made of

And don't you forget it
Don't you forget your way home for that little girl
Hold on to your world

I always say, "Live your life like a Choose Your Own Adventure book," so I can't be surprised when my world is always in constant change (most of it my own doing). I hold on to an unshakeable faith that no matter what, all things will work out for my good.

I think about "that little girl" inside of me and all her hopes, dreams and fears I carry with me. I have to listen to her. Protect her. Guide her. Love her. Indeed, "with change comes responsibility."

I listen to this song everyday now. It's definitely my theme song for 2013.


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  • Love this! That song is on it's way to being posted to Facebook and on repeat today! Ironically enough, I have TWO of his CDs...the exact one! Lol!

  • This song is my everything right now! Ummm, can a sistah get one of the TWO CDs? IJS! I had to download the single off Amazon, but would love the full disc :-)

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