I Really Enjoy Being With Myself--No FOMO

I Really Enjoy Being With Myself--No FOMO

A lot of people think I'm always out and about, but those who TRULY know me know that there's nothing I enjoy more than being cocooned up in my house, on my couch and wrapped in my Snuggie. Give me some Netflix or old sitcoms on YouTube and I am good.

Those who know me really well also know that I am not a fan of going out on Friday nights. I will go to an event on a Monday, a Wednesday, maybe even a Sunday night, but you won't find me out too much on a Friday night. That is PRIME hibernating time. I feel like, every day of the week I am obligated to be somwhere and Friday nights are the one night I can have just to myself. Usually, I don't have to go anywhere on Saturday mornings, so I can truly just chill out and relax.

I enjoy my alone time and according to a piece I read in the July/August 2012 issue of Natural Health magazine, spending time alone has many benefits. like increasing intimacy, creativity, freedom, spirituality and an overall greater sense of self. Too many people are missing out reaping the full benefits of alone time because of "FOMO" - "fear of missing out".

I was too tickled when I read this acronym for the first time. Basically, we're so heavily connected to social media we spend hardly any time in solitude away from what's happening. Apparently, I've been ahead of the no-FOMO curve for many years now. As a Pisces, I go into my inner world on a regular basis; Friday nights are just a small part of the consistent hibernation I require.

The article suggests three strategies to break free from FOMO and declare your independence. Let's see how I measure up:

1. Rise and Shine - "Wake up an hour earlier than the rest of your household and use that time to meditate, read or do anything else that makes you - and only you - happy."

On most days, I can peel myself out of bed earlier than my alarm to do just that. I started doing it as an act of rebellion because I didn't want my mornings to be all about getting ready for work. "The Man" gets enough prime time out of my day already! I should at least start my day doing something for myself. So, I do. Sometimes it's yoga. Sometimes journaling. Sometimes walking. Sometimes posting on Facebook since I can't do it when I get to work. Me Time at the start of the day is AWESOME.

2. Set Boundaries - "It's especially important to spend time away from people Orloff calls "emotional vampires."

I'm extremely good at this, too. I'm highly sensitive to energy and the energy of others and if I feel negativity jumping off of you, our interactions will be brief, limited and surface. I know a lot of people, but I keep a small circle.

3. Date Yourself - "When you're with other people, you're more likely to go along with what they want to do...try going out for an occassional meal, movie or even a vacation on your own."

Almost every day with myself feels like a date! I genuinely enjoy hanging out with me, and me and myself go on all types of dates. We take field trips to different parts of the city, try new classes, we love to eat out - dating myself has been a great way to know me on a deeper level. What does Sandria really like? What does Sandria really think? The best person you can know is THYSELF!

Do you struggle with not being "plugged in" all the time? How do YOU measure up with these suggested strategies?

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