Prince in Chicago! 5 Tips for Getting Great Presale Concert Tickets

Prince in Chicago! 5 Tips for Getting Great Presale Concert Tickets
Prince returns to Chicago September 24, 2012

"The Secret" is real, ya'll. Put your requests into the Universe with lots of belief and watch them manifest! The last few weeks, I've been telling people how I am super overdue for a really good concert. The concert gods heard the meditations of my heart and lined up the most EPIC show imaginable:  PRINCE!

I've been in a state of complete anticipation since last Friday morning when I first read the news in my girl's Facebook status update. I knew within two seconds that I was going to that concert and hadn't even seen ticket prices or dates.  Prince has not played Chicago since 2004; there's no way I am missing this. With the untimely passing of so many entertainers recently, it's best to get while the getting is good.

When it comes to artists that I really want to see, particularly if I've never seen them live before, I'm all about getting as close to the stage as possible. For a big ticket item like Prince, I knew I had to act timely and strategically.

Yeah, there's some luck involved with getting good seats when you have thousands of people all logging into Ticketmaster at the same time, but here are my top 5 tips for setting yourself up for concert success as much as possible:

Choose your concert buddies wisely.

Going to concerts isn't just about seeing a great artist do their thing live. It's also about creating lasting memories and never-gets-old stories with your friends. No doubt, when concerts like Prince come on the radar, there will be lots of friends saying, "Ooh, I really want to go!" Those are NOT the friends you want to buddy up with. You need to look for those friends that say, "I AM going!" or "So, when are we getting tickets? I have my money ready!" These friends are action-oriented, ready to put their money where their mouth is. Make sure you're going with people that also want to buy tickets in the same price range as you. You're willing to pay for the best seats available - are your friends about that life, too?

In my situation, we were able to round up a small group pretty quickly right in the comments of my friend's FB status. Which brings me to another important tip...

Keep your group size small!

Think about it:  It's going to be easier to find two really good seats together than 10. I'd hate to miss out on a front row seat just because there were three left and I'm trying to roll with a party of five.

Designate a treasurer.

If you're going to the show solo or as a couple, this doesn't really apply. But, if you're going as part of group and everyone wants to sit together, ONE person needs to be in charge of placing the ticket order. Exchanging money amongst friends can get messy sometimes, so try to make the process as paint-by-numbers as possible. I ended up being the treasurer for my group and decided it would be easiest if everyone deposited the money to my bank account. Note:  Make sure your people give their funds PRIOR to the time of ticket ordering. No funds in hand, no ticket!

Use multiple streams of stalking to find a presale code.

I get e-mails from Ticketmaster and Live Nation all the time. Usually, that's sufficient to get a presale code, but as of the time of this posting, I still haven't seen an e-mail from either about the Prince show. No worries. I'm also a fan of Live Nation and Live Nation Chicago on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. I also did daily Google searches of "Prince in Chicago presale code."  I think I just like the thrill of the chase. The code was pretty simple to find thanks to Facebook. But, having a presale code means absolutely nothing if you don't...

Make sure your ordering logistics are foolproof.

That awkward moment you get onto Ticketmaster with your new, shiny presale code at exactly 10 a.m., snag great seats and get to the checkout only to realize you don’t remember your password. Yeah, you don’t want to have that moment. Test out your sign-in credentials the night before, or at the very least, 10 minutes before order time. Make sure your credit card information is updated, too. If it's a weekday and you know you'll be ordering from work, make sure your company doesn't have Ticketmaster blocked. Details are critical when making important ticket purchases, so give yourself every advantage possible.

The great thing about Prince returning to Chicago is that he has multiple show dates planned. If the September 24 show at the United Center sells out, there will be other opportunities. Good luck!


Prince, one of the most prolific and groundbreaking artists of our time, announces his return to Chicago, at the United Center beginning September 24th and his support of Rebuild the Dream.  Rebuild the Dream, founded by Van Jones, is a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of everyday people—from seniors to students, moms, dads, brothers and sisters—who come together to build strong vibrant communities and to fix our economy from the ground up.

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