Getting Sexy with Rashida KhanBey and ERUPTIONS Dance

I am laying. Flat on my back. In a darkened room, with the faintest bit of light tracing my body. My hips raise and lower counter-clockwise. Smooth, slow pelvic circles, keeping time with the haunting melody of Lil Wayne's "She Will." Indeed, I will. And I did. I am sexy. Free. Focused. It's like me, dancing at home in my mirror, but not. This is more intimate...more legs are shaking. This is an eruption of self.

I didn't really know what to expect when I went in for my 1-on-1 session with Rashida KhanBey, dancer and creator of Eruptions. The sensual moving meditation style of dance is designed to guide women through and beyond their fears to re-connect them to their essence by integrating sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. How on EARTH would I do all of that, seeing as how I'm not a dancer? Would I be embarrassed? Too stiff?  Completely unsexy? In my mind, I'd love to be somewhere between the grace of a ballerina and the mesmerizing skill of the Twerk Team, but my mind and reality are sometimes two very different things. Fortunately, Rashida was able to meet me right where I was--just me.

Before the session, she had me complete a very revealing questionnaire to learn more about me and my challenges/potential blocks. That in itself was a mini-eruption process. Even when I take time to sit and reflect, I don't think I make enough time to ask those "tough" questions of myself. The pre-session questionnaire was definitely time well spent.

At the session, Rashida was very warm and inviting (and I loved her Chaka Khan-esque big hair!). We sat and talked before starting, and she explained what to expect during our time together. When she shared her story about her connection to dance, I could hear the passion in her voice. She truly lives this. And it shows. The movements looked so much easier and flowing when she demonstrated them, but I had to shut down that spirit of comparison and criticism and just do what my body could and wanted to do.

I imangine that's what a large part of Eruptions is all about--shutting down those voices and going within; focusing on our dance with self. There's no one else, just us and God.

I had fun and I got a good workout! I broke a serious sweat and my muscles reminded me of our time together for at least two days after. And now when I hear "She Will" it takes on a different meaning.

Check out Rashida's Eruptions promo video and visit her online at She's offering an 'I Want You Back' intro course during the month of February. What better time to show ourselves some love, right?

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