Getting CHANEL Blue Satin Polish Beats Getting 'The Blues'

Getting CHANEL Blue Satin Polish Beats Getting 'The Blues'

It's "just one of dem days" like Monica sang about. Just feeling a little blah today. The plan was to come home, put on my comfy clothes, curl up on my loveseat, pull my Snuggie over my head, cry and fall asleep. Either I'd wake up later tonight feeling revitalized OR  just to go to the bathroom (curse this detoxing!) so I can lay back down and cry some more. Either way, the plan involved lots of crying and sleeping.

None of that is happening right now.

I got home and found a package with my name waiting by the front door. Instant pick-me-up! I love getting surprises. True, 99.9% of packages that come for me are sent by me, but still. In this case, I couldn't tell who the sender was by the box so it was starting to feel like a forreal surprise!

I sloshed upstairs, threw on my comfy clothes and started snatching tape off of the box. Inside, wrapped in mounds of white tissue paper was a tiny, black velvet bag marked CHANEL. I wasn't expecting it to be so fancy. There was even complimentary mascara and lipstick samples.

I opened up my new bottle of "Blue Satin" and tested the sexy midnight blue shade on my thumb. Dark, but still sophisticated and not too trendy. Me likey! But the best part was yet to come.

Also in the box was a plain, ivory envelope simply marked CHANEL on the back seal. When I placed this order last week I thought it would be cute to write a card to myself. I couldn't think of any reason not to since they offered it as a free option. When my package came, I wanted to be able to remind myself that no matter what, I am special and deserve good things in my life. After a little thought, I came up with this:

Sandria, You are absolutely amazing and you deserve ONLY the best!

Reading that card today felt as special as if the words had come from someone else. Maybe it's even better because it came from ME. Chanel Blue Satin: $26. Self love: Priceless.

Now, I kind of want to order more! Get my girlfriends' addresses and send them love notes, and of course, send more to myself because charity truly begins at home. I think I will curl up on the couch in my Snuggie, polish my nails and maybe watch Netflix instead.




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