Black Girls Are Detoxing!

Black Girls Are Detoxing!

I'd been thinking of doing a detox for awhile, but finally decided to officially put healthy foods where my mouth is on January 9, 2012. Today is Day 8 of a 21 day raw foods and fruit/veggie juicing detox under the facilitation of Tammye Mathews of Restored, Inc.

After successfully completing a week--1/3 of the detox, woo hoo!--I feel pretty good and I'm excited about taking the program up another level this week. More juicing, more prepared recipes, more research and incorporating more meditation and exercise.

Why Am I Detoxing?

The "why" question came up quite a bit this past week. In my mind, it's seems pretty self-explanatory since most people on a SAD--Standard American Diet--can stand to detox occassionally, at the very least. But, maybe the answer isn't quite that obvious. For the last year and half, I've been eating like crap. Overeating and eating out pretty much every meal. They say you can tell what people value by how they spend their time and money, and my bank statements and a gained total of nearly 30 pounds shows I spent a lot of time spending money on food!

This is a problem from a health AND financial standpoint, two of seven key areas of my life that I am determined to bring in alignment in 2012. Honestly, I want to be 'sexy' all the way around! Finances, Health (Physical, Mental, Emotional), Spirituality, Education, Lifestyle, Work and Relationships--just oozing sex appeal from the seven key areas of my life, spilling over in abundance to make others sexy!

I'm also detoxing because it's a challenge that I simply want to accomplish for myself. Twenty-one days out of 365 should not be that hard. I've had a few people tell me that they "could never give up meat" or do a raw detox. My response is that we can do anything that we really want to do. It's not that they could never do it; they just don't want to. That's cool by me. This is my detox, not theirs. I'm not trying to convert anyone but myself.

Both of my parents passed away at fairly young ages and were on multiple medications before their transitions. I remember as a child seeing my stepdad doing weight training, mediation and what I now know to be tai chi. Yet, I never saw my mother exercising, even before she became physically unable to do most exercises. I know that my health is not my parents' health and I am responsible for making my own health choices and altering my genes, but I do think about them and their illnesses when it comes to my health.

I feel my body changing and I can either sit here and watch it change negatively or I can make wiser choices and take joy in watching it change in positive ways. People are so quick to always comments that I look great, pretty much insuating the question of why is someone that looks like me detoxing or concerned about  my health. Reality check:  Thin people need to exercise and have a healthy diet, too! Stop looking at and talking to me sideways and do a check in on YOUR health.  I know it probably seems impossible, even a little unfair, for me to look better than I already do, but I know my body is capable of it if I put in a little work.

I'm excited about educating myself on things that add years and energy to my life and inspiring others to do the same. This past week has come with a tremendous learning curve--lunch time at work is the toughest--but I'm still in it to win it. Eight days and counting...


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