soflynmythirties Blog Talk Radio Show Interview with Sandria Washington

soflynmythirties Blog Talk Radio Show Interview with Sandria Washington

Tonight at 10:30 p.m. CT, I'm chatting with Kymberly Keeton, host of the soflynmythirties Blog Talk Radio Show and woman behind the soflynmythirties blog.   I'll be talking about the Study Hall - Chicago: Writing-Based Creativity Community I facilitate every Sunday in the Bridgeport neighborhood and hopefully, plugging anything else she let's me sneak in! Hey, there are a few other shows and interviews in the December pipeline that could use a little love, too.

If you're seeing this post after the live airing, no worries--you can listen to the playback!

This is the last show of 2011, so tonight's timely theme is 2011 in review. Wow, the year is such a blur for me. I'm just thankful to be doing much better than I was in 2010 and ESPECIALLY this same time in 2009! At 31 (quickly approaching 32), I don't always feel very "fly" and I usually have a what-am-I-doing-with-my-life melt down every couple of months. But, even in the chaos, me and my life are still pretty fly and it's nice when I can get back to center and be comforted in that. What could be flyer than growing into the woman I've always been?

On that note, I'm already one foot into 2012...see you at the finish line.

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