31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge with Rosetta Thurman: Day 1


Thirty-one days implies that this challenge involves doing something consistently for 31 days. Side A of the same old Sandria song is down for the cause...optimistic...ready to go all in. Oh, but that B side. The B side is set to violins. A sad song laced with procrastination, inconsistent follow through, doubt...all of its grooves are worn out from "trying" to do something. Again.

Let me direct your attention back to Side A. It's Day 1 and this mission is accomplished! A simple set of three tasks, but I feel compelled to do a quick victory lap because I know my Side B and how it likes to make even the most simplest things daunting.

Task 1: Choose a new notebook to use during the 31 Day Reset - I went with the classic Mead spiral-bound, college rule notebook. In turquoise.

Task 2: Choose my personal mantra - I had to ask myself, "What do I intend to become or believe by the end of this challenge?" Rosetta pointed us to a post about "60 Peronal Mantras That Inspire the Courage to Overcome Fear and Change Your Life."  There are some really good quotes on here. I already had a few in mind that regulary float around in my head ("I am enough", "I am loved and loving", "Good things come to me easily" "Abundance is mine", "Leap and the net will appear", "Not by chance, but by choice"). When I started to think about what do I absolutely intend to believe when it's all said and done, I want to believe "I AM everything God created me to be."  I thnk this speaks to both what I intend to believe and what I intend to become. I am greatness. I am love. I am infinite creativity. I am radiance. I am joy. I am abundance. I am the creator of new opportunities. I am an answered prayer. I am success. All of the amazing things that God created me to be (and to have and to do) are real now. By the end of 31 days I intend to be able to say "I am all that!" and REALLY mean it!

Task 3: Choose a theme song for the month - This is something that's been on my radar since October, as I was thinking of songs for my 2012 empowerment CD. Topping the list were "Bravo" by Ledisi and "Moment 4 Life" by Nicki Minaj, but for December 2011 I am going with "Beautiful Dreamer" by Carolyn Malachi. I have to shout out my good sistarfriend, Stacy Patrice, for putting me on to this song recently. It spoke to me the very first time I heard it.

 "Somewhere there's a nothing/waiting to become something/fighting all the writing/hiding from the lighting."

MESSAGE! And than at the end where she's singing, "Please don't give up...the world needs you...please, please don't give up"--BAWLING! It's so powerful from beginning to end. I downloaded this song a couple of weeks ago and played it on repeat all night while I slept. My attempt at sleep hypnosis. I didn't get much sleep (I need silence), but I felt very energized the next day. Might have to try that again.

So, that's the end of Day 1.  Off into the night--as in good night, I'm going to bed! Cue my theme music...

About the 31 Day Reset Challenge:  31 Days to Reset Your Life is a virtual life coaching program. Each day of the program requires you to complete an exercise that will help you get back on track in ways that will allow you to become a better, happier, healthier and more successful person in the future. For more details visit the Happy Black Woman website.

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