31 Day Reset Challenge with Rosetta Thurman: Day 2

31 Day Reset Challenge with Rosetta Thurman: Day 2

Okay, Rosetta cut right to the chase with Day 2!  I wasn't trying to do this much thinking so soon-Ha!  The topic for Reset Day 2 was "Take an Honest Assessment of Your Life". Needless to say, completing yesterday's exercises didn't go as quickly as I'd hoped (I was working on it before going to a birthday celebration for one of my bestest sistarfriends). I had to get up and finish it this morning. It was good for me though.

I know a lot of things about myself in my head, but things get put into a whole lot of perspective when you put them down on paper. For Day 2, I wrote what I liked and disliked about seven key areas of my lfie:

  • Lifestyle (satisfaction with where I live/living environment, how you spend your leisure time these days)
  • Work (satisfaction with where I work right now, what you do to earn your living)
  • Education (satisfaction with my educational attainment to date - college, vocational school and other learning goals)
  • Finances (the current state of my budget/money management, salary, net worth, debt-to-income ratio)
  • Health (the current state of my mental, physical and spiritual health - mind, body, soul)
  • Family (the quality of my relationships with family members, siblings, children)
  • Relationships (the quality of my relationships with friends and romantic partners)

My life has changed quite a bit over the last two years. There are a lot of things I like--my finances are better ("you know the feds listening, what money?"), my studio junior loft suite is cozy, I have a great group of women and men in my COT (that's "circle of trust"), and I'm truly committed to actively creating the type of lifestyle I want. I want to be a philanthropist, so I do philanthropic things. I want to be a jetsetter, so I set my jets. I want to be smart and resouceful, so I invest in learning and reading. I do a lot of things now that I wasn't able to do as a child. Slowly, the resentment fades away. Under God's direction, I AM responsible for my own happiness now.

There's some things I dislike. Very much dislike. My stomach is still out of order. I could stand to work on intimacy with my friends and family. I really could have been out of debt by now if I actually budgeted. I've been debating on grad school since 2003; I could've had a few degrees after a decade. I still demonstrate self-sabotaging behaviors. But, in noting all of this, I know that I have the tools and resources to turn all those things around. It could be as simple as a thought shift in some cases. I just actually have to DO the work *gasp*. Gotta get my verb on.  Things are so much easier when they're just in theory, but I know that the theory has to be applied.

So, that's where I am--getting myself to the application phase of life. Doing what I know needs to be done, and what I'm capable of doing.

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