What You Wear TO the Airport is Just as Important as What You Pack for the Trip

What You Wear TO the Airport is Just as Important as What You Pack for the Trip

Cliche, but time really does fly! At this time exactly a week ago I was here in my apartment franctically doing laundry, answering e-mails, halfway cleaning my third-floor studio penthouse junior loft suite and attempting to pack for a quick getaway.  A week later, my spot is still a mess with clothes everywhere. Not from looking for clothes to pack; from looking for my airport outfit.

The airport outfit. I never really cared much about having one until recently. Actually, I never really needed to worry about having one until recently since I'm not the most widely-traveled person. It wasn't until one of my closest  girlfriends stressed to me the importance of having one.

SB is definitely widely traveled. She's one of those people that you see in the airport that always looks like they know exactly where they're going, even in a foreign country. And if you see her, she'll look very knowledgable AND fashionable. She doesn't believe in jogging suits. "Jogging suits should be worn for jogging," she says and I suppose that makes perfect sense. She's not a fan of gym shoes either. Those are made for the gym.

Jogging and gyms aside, what the heck are you supposed to wear to the airport then? After hearing SB's take on it, I am an advocate of having an airport outfit--an airport ensemble, if you will. I mean, if you're going somewhere, shouldn't you dress like you're actually going somewhere? People who wait to change into their "real" clothes when they get to their destination are probably the same types of people that save their "good china" for holidays and their pretty panties for date night. Every day should be an opportunity to "treat" yourself to the good stuff. I used to drink all of my beverages out of wine glasses until I broke all the ones I had throwing them at my -ex (horrible aim, by the way).

You never know who you may see or be seen by in the airport. Being fashion conscious shouldn't just be reserved for celebrities. Wear something nice! And if you're a woman, the cardinal airport ensemble accessory is high heels! I don't know what it is, but there's something about the click-clack of my heels as I sashay through the airport that makes the whole airport experience awesomer. Don't worry about your feet. Ideally, the pre-flight part is only a short time and you can kick your shoes off on the plane.

I will say, I don't always follow the airport outfit rule on the return trip. I guess my reasoning is, if you're going home, shouldn't you look like you're going home? I usually take late night flights anways, so no sense wasting a perfectly good ensemble.

SB is actually visiting from out-of-town this weekend. I'll have to ask her what she wore.

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