How to Write a Rejection Letter: Inspiration from life and SARK

How to Write a Rejection Letter: Inspiration from life and SARK

Letter writing is a lost art, but I want to find it. If not for the world, then at least for my own enjoyment and sanity.

Last night, I was flipping through one of Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy's (SARK) books, "Make Your Creative Dreams Real," and came across a "write a rejection letter" exercise. I recently experienced some rejection, so this was pretty timely.

I'm no stranger to rejection or rejection letter writing--I once broke up with a guy over e-mail...then sent him a text telling him to CHECK his e-mail (tacky, I know) and quit a job over e-mail (starting a resignation message "Effective today, ..." is probably even tackier, I know). SARK's take on the rejection letter seemed less asshole-ish than my previous approaches...and much more theraputic. I had to share.

Directions:  "Write to the parts of yourself or people who stop you or inhibit your creative dreams. You don't need to mail it for it to be effective."

Now, just fill in the blank with your creative dream stoppers:

"Dear _______________, I have received your feedback and have decided that it doesn't apply to me, my life, or my creative dreams. Please consult the guidelines for reapplication before communicating again. Thank you and good-bye."

I love it! Short, to the point and quite effective. What I really love about it is the word "decided."  In life we have the power to make choices, but a decision is when you take a choice to its final level. I think there's a difference in saying "I choose to be happy" and "I decide to be happy." To choose leaves room for more choices, but a decision is definitive.

I decided to focus my energies toward positive things and not dwell on the rejection. The rejection "doesn't apply to me, my life, or my creative dreams" simply because the rejection is not my truth.

Rejection's application status: DENIED!


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