Today's Life Lesson C/O God and Groupon: Stop procrastinating!

Today's Life Lesson C/O God and Groupon: Stop procrastinating!

They say when you snooze, you lose, but I ended up gaining a valuable lesson today.  Lately, God has really been making me smile because it seems like the things I think about have been happening right away. Nothing terribly major, but little cutesy things. Last Friday I was thinking about how I had clothes from the summer I never got a chance to wear. I was mentally going through my closet thinking about a particular outfit and I get a call that afternoon from The Mister. He has tickets for a concert. How timely! I was able to pull together an outfit on the fly and scratched one less summer regret from the list.

Every year I think about going to grad school (I graduated from undergrad a decade ago, but I keep hope alive) and the other night I came across an ad that one of the schools I've considered is having a grad school open house. I was due for a mini vacation anyway, so double score.

Today, God was just showing off. Just yesterday I was thinking about having a cleaning service come in and spruce up my studio junior loft suite. This morning, I check my e-mail and see Groupon has a deal for 70% off house cleaning! I couldn't believe it. I was excited, like, God really heard my thoughts. So excited I jumped out of bed...and grabbed my journal.

I journaled about this funny thing God did. I sent The Mister a good morning text. I got on Facebook. I did yoga. I hopped in the shower and got dressed. THEN I sat down and went to the Groupon site to jump on this amazing deal I really wanted.


It was a little after 12 p.m. and the note said it sold out at 11:47 a.m.

I wasn't devastated. But I was HIGHLY salty. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why didn't I just log on when I saw it earlier this morning? That would have been too much like right. But, how many times before have I done this? I say I want something and then it's presented to me, sometimes hand delivered on a silver platter, and I say, "No thank you." Crazy. Just plain crazy.

To make matters worse, I think they must have added more deals because I tried to get the deal again just a few minutes ago (about 5:45 p.m.) and it said the deal sold out at 5:30. Oooooh, God is feeling real humorous today.

So, what have I learned? If I want something and it's presented to me free and clear, don't stall. Just grab hold of it in the moment. Stop creating roadblocks where there weren't any before. God could have used a much bigger life example to illustrate His point, but I'm glad this little tutorial in Duh 101 was with a simple Groupon.

Now, I am more diligent than ever about the quality of my thoughts and I'll think twice about sending opportunity to voicemail next time he calls.

Damn, I do not feel like cleaning this weekend! #StillSalty



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