Maybe I Should Stop Chasing the Dream: Why I can't devote time to anti-aging treatments

Maybe I Should Stop Chasing the Dream: Why I can't devote time to anti-aging treatments

It all started in Macy's. I ran into a friend of mine that works at a cosmetics counter and she offered to give me a quick mini facial. Her offer came right on time because I was just thinking to myself how cruddy my skin has looked lately. Everytime I passed a mirror on the jewelery counters I'd look at myself, I guess to keep making sure my skin was, indeed, as cruddy as I thought it looked in the last mirror. It was.

As my friend is applying product to my skin, she's simultaneously explaining all the antioxidants, "illuminators" to brighten under the eye, SPF numbers and things a woman with 31.5 year-old-skin should really be concerned about. My skin had a nice dewey glow when she finished, but I still felt kind of lackluster inside. She asked if wanted a bit of make up, but I passed. All I want is clear skin.

The quest for clear skin has been a near 20 year journey. I should really stop telling myself I lack comittment and focus and that the only thing I've done on a consistent basis "for a long time" is go to school. Twenty years is a long time! Twenty years and still holding on to the goal is probably just crazy. I can think of lots of things where if I just devoted 20 minutes for 20 days I'd see results. Why do I still stand by my skin after all these years?

I left Macy's and went to Sephora. I thought smelling "yummy" would help me feel better. My nose settled on Philosophy's "creme brulee' scented body wash and a travel-size Hanae Mori Eau de Toilette. The cashier throws a few free samples in my bag. Score! Of all things, I get to sample an age-delay cream "with collagen boosting lychee" and "Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Creme." Gee, thanks.

I have friends that swear by their under eye cream and other anti-aging goodies, but I'm just not there yet. At least, not mentally there. Who knows, maybe my skin could use some collagen boosting, but I don't care about wrinkes and crow's feet yet. I'm still fighting acne and acne scars! I don't really wear make up, unless it's for a photoshoot or something fancy. To me, the best make up would be clear skin. I think I would be okay with wrinkes if my skin was smooth (of course, I can say this now, but that will probably change when the green grass is on the OTHER side).

I've been working out, I've been drinking my water, watching my diet...I'm just not ready to wave my white flag yet. There has to be something made just for my skin. I've seen improvement over the years. I started using a great cleanser a couple of years ago by Organic Apoteke. I absolutely LOVE IT, but they've been out of stock for months. My skin misses it horribly.

Until I get the results I'm after (because I do believe that day will come), I'll just have to keep making the most of the skin I have now. Prayerfully, I'll beat the clock and won't end up fighting acne AND wrinkles.

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