Here's the Skin-y: Day 1 of trying Alaffia's skincare line

Here's the Skin-y: Day 1 of trying Alaffia's skincare line

The skincare saga continues. Last week, I ordered a gang of new skincare products and to my great delight they arrived today. Talk about a right on time gift! My skin has really been giving me the flux this past week; I broke out really bad (I have no clue why) and it seemed to be going from bad to worse. I haven't had a breakout this bad in years. Even if these products don't work, they certainly can't hurt anything.

I read about this product line, Alaffia, in the October 2011 issue of Yoga Journal magazine. They really didn't do a hard sell for it or anything, but I'd been looking for a new cleanser for months and at this point I was down to try anything that sounded even remotely comparable to what I was using before, Organic Apoteke.

I snooped around Alaffia's website for about an hour and decided to get the Rooibos & Shea Kit. The Kit includes the Rooibos & Shea antioxidant facial cleanser, Rooibos & Shea antioxidant toner and the Rooibos & Shea antioxidant face cream. For good measure, I also threw a melon seed  facial serum (with acne-fighting agents) in the cart, too.

The Kit was under $40, which to me is a steal. I think Organic Apoteke's cleanser is about 40 bucks by itself. I also appreciated that Alaffia is a company on a real mission. Alaffia "was founded to alleviate poverty and advance gender equality in West Africa through fair trade of handcrafted shea butter." Even if my skin is still jacked up after using Alaffia, at least I can say that my generous purchase helped them pursue their mission of "empowerment and gender equality for women in our West African communities." I dig that.

Tonight marks Day 1 of using Alaffia and to commemorate the occassion, I recorded a short video. It's one thing to write about my skin, but I thought it would make sense to show what I'm talking about. Be warned: This is NOT a big budget production. I didn't edit, add captions, or music. This is straight from my sofa and my Snuggie. I guess this was more of a record for me, and not a how-to. Maybe I'll do something a little more fancy for the update video.

I'm excited to test it out, so I'm about to get to it. Oh, and if you want to try Alaffia for yourself and you're a frantic person like me and don't really like the wait time with ordering online, Whole Paycheck Foods also carries this line.


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