What's NOT to Love About Working Out?! Let me tell you

What's NOT to Love About Working Out?! Let me tell you

I’m pretty excited because I’ve really been consistent working out these last couple of weeks. I’m finally settling into a routine and coming to grips with the things that come along with exercising that I didn’t necessarily realize I was signing up for when I signed up for a gym membership. 

After my first day of going to the gym after work I was really pissy about having to carry both a work bag and a gym bag.  Together, they are one big, heavy, cumbersome, inconvenient mess. I was ready to stop working out right then. I know people go to the gym straight from work all the time, but I don’t see those people very often on public transportation. I whined in my head and on Twitter. I have yet to figure out a practical way to get around not carrying two bags, so I’ve sucked it up and kept it moving. Very begrudgingly, but I kept it moving nonetheless. 

Then, I had an attitude about having to do laundry more often. When I started this I guess it didn’t cross my mind that I would sweat a lot and would need to wash clothes more often, or just buy more clothes. Last  Tuesday I found myself in a pickle because I didn’t wash and had to buy a $3 t-shirt from Walgreens. On Wednesday I didn’t give myself the pleasure to whine about it; soon as I came home I threw all my piled up sweaty clothes in the machine, pressed some buttons and Voila! It took less than five minutes to do.

Why had I been complaining about that? It dawned on me that I should really be thankful because this season of my life is the perfect time to have started working out since I now live in an apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer. Oh my God, I would’ve really been complaining if I actually had to go to the laundromat.  So, now I am counting my blessings and I’ve accepted that washing is just something I have to do. It would be lame to use “I don’t have any clean clothes!” as an excuse to quit.

 I also wasn’t a fan of getting home later in the evening. I started to think about how much it will suck come wintertime and it’s pitch black outside and cold. I know I’m not gonna want to do this s**t. My rationale at this point is that right now it’s still summer, so don’t worry about winter. I’ll cross that ice pond when I get to it. For now, suck it up and be thankful it’s still light outside when I get home. Besides, what am I in such a rush to get home to anyway? Whatever is there isn’t going anywhere, so be easy. 

I don’t like having to get undressed, get dressed, get undressed, take a shower, get dressed; I don’t like walking up the train steps afterwards when my legs feel like linguini; I don’t like dudes looking at me or trying to talk to me while I’m working out; I don’t like doing crunches; I don't like doing push ups because I can barely do any;  I don’t like feeling like a beginner and a weakling in these treacherous-azz kickboxing, strength training and cycling classes;  I STILL don’t like carrying two bags.

I like having more energy; I like doing something I didn’t think I could do; I like seeing and feeling improvement; I like that the train home is less than a half block from the gym; I like envisioning how absolutely DOPE “Sandria 2.0” will look and feel.

I will not quit.

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