"Daykeeper": Another hot Foreign Exchange song

"Daykeeper": Another hot Foreign Exchange song

I think I'm officially an FE fan now! Some of my peeps have been talking about them for years, and I get it now.  I discovered this track last week, along with "Something to Behold," but I just figured out this evening this was Foreign Exchange after Googling the lyrics.  This is another example of why showing love to our DJs, indie retailers and supporting Internet radio is so important.  This is some good azz music and you need to know about it!

Besides finding out who this song belongs to, I had to get my Google on to help me figure out what this song means. I thought I knew, but the lyrics kind of confuse me. If anyone has any interpretations I am all ears on this one. My first thought is that it's about a love triangle that's ending. The woman singing is coming from the POV of "the other woman."  But, I'm not totally sold on that storyline.

My next best guess is that this is the soulfulest, most dopest love song about depression that anyone has ever recorded. "She" is the smooth seductress experienced by an estimated 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. Anyone who has ever lived with depression knows that she is relentless and doesn't have the decency to pack her -ish and leave when the sun comes up like a good mistress. Oh no, she wants to stay all day and all night, making you believe you both need each other to live. In this song, he realizes "she" is not reality and shakes from her grasp.

Now that I think about it, Billie Holliday's "Good Morning Heartache" is pretty high on the dope scale of metaphorical songs, but "Daykeeper" just does something to me.

Maybe it's just a plain 'ole in love, then out of love song. Keeping it on repeat until I figure it out.

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