#Awkward: I refuse to eat pizza with a fork

I believe in wearing proper attire depending on the event, practicing etiquette and displaying social graces, but sometimes I get really annoyed trying to eat not-so-fancy food in fancy settings.

Last week, they ordered in pizza at my job and after a few bites I look up and around the table and notice that everyone except me is eating their pizza with a fork and knife. I really wasn't sure what to do at that point. Did I neglect one of the cardinal rules of business lunch etiquette, or was I simply eating pizza the way you're supposed to eat pizza; the very same way I would eat my pizza if it were after 5 p.m. and away from the office?

I could see the need for a fork and knife if we were eating a gooey, deep-dish pizza pie (because typically, pie is eaten with a fork but I don't always adhere to that rule either), but this was just a regular crunchy thin crust from Giardano's . I really didn't think forks and knives were called for.

It wasn't as bad as trying to eat chicken, particularly chicken wings, in formal settings. That is almost painful to watch. Maybe I'm a modern-day cavewoman with a lack of home training, but some foods like chicken wings and pizza should be eaten with your hands. Yes, use a fork and knife for chicken breasts, but chicken wings and dare I say legs should get a pass, even at a wedding. Sometimes, the use of utensils seems almost pretentious.

About a month ago, I emceed a pizza party for a class of first graders and we served them pizza without any plastic forks or knives. Did we just unwittingly set up another generation of future employees on a collison course of having #Awkward moments  in the workforce, long after the world stops describing events, thoughts and emotions in hashtags?  

I continued to eat my pizza at the business lunch with my hands. Two slices in, it seemed a little odd to me to switch up at that point. Plus, I noticed a co-worker at a table across the way also eating with her hands while everyone else at her table used utensils. Cavewomen unite.

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