A Day of Gifts That Keep on Giving: I can be nice and thoughtful sometimes

A Day of Gifts That Keep on Giving: I can be nice and thoughtful sometimes

While wandering Union Station trying to figure out what I wanted for lunch, I stopped in the little store that has all the magazines, candy, neck pillows and pretty much anything else travelers or people wandering on their lunch breaks could want. BAM! Soon as I walk in I see a copy of The Happiness Project. I had this book on my mental list to read after finding out about it in a magazine (I'm guessing I read about it in O! because this definitely looks and sounds like a book you'd find highly recommended by the folks at O!).

I purchased THP and a jumbo edition of easy crossword puzzles--I have it on my mental list to increase my creativity and word choice usage--but after I bought the book I knew I couldn't keep it. What do I look like buying a book for myself when a friend of mine is celebrating her birthday today and I haven't even bought her a card? I skimmed the book and thought about how awesome it would be to start reading it on the ride home. But, then I thought it would be even more awesome to gift the book to my friend. I remembered she read Eat, Pray, Love and this seemed similar, so the likelihood of her liking it seemed pretty high.

After work, I stopped and bought her a birthday card. She's a card person. Then I bought a birthday card for the man I'm dating. Then I picked up an encouragement card for one of my closest girlfriends because she's going through a tough time right now and feeling overwhelmed. I stopped myself at three cards. I think I will put it on my mental list to create a line of custom cards because it's hard trying to find cards that capture what I really want to say. Even the Mahogany brand has been coming up short lately.

I can be a very thoughtful and generous person, but I recognize that I lack balance. I can be extremely selfish. I do ALOT for myself and pretty much everyday is a "me" day. I could literally change my nickname to Sanday and update each day in my planner as that. Today I exercised an underutilized caring muscle and it felt good.

I can't wait to share my other  cards...and pick up my own copy The Happiness Project on my way into work tomorrow.

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