I'm Tired of PMS-LITERALLY!: So, I'm trying a new PMS diet

I think Mo' Nique hit it on the head when she coined the phrase, "Skinny bitches are evil!" She's right. We are evil. Our calcium intake is too low. We are at a higher risk of osteoporosis and our brittle bones make us bitter witches, and we suffer from severe PMS. I just figured all this out a few days ago.

Last week, I picked up the July issue of EBONY. Tyrese was looking quite tasty on the cover, but I really purchased it for the exclusive article on the filming of "Boyz N The Hood" (GREAT article!).  Flipping through, I came across the headline, "Kiss your cramps goodbye!," and a tiny feature about a brand of calcium supplements called Adora.


Historically, calcium supplements and the like have never been a cause for pause for me--that's stuff for "older" women, not me. But then again, I did just recently  find myself in the Naturalizer looking for "a comfortable sandal that I can wear to work, but still cute enough to wear out." I looked up and saw that the three other women in the store could've been homegirls with my mom and I politely exited. NEVER have I considered buying shoes from Naturalizer! Times are certainly a'changin (read: Now that I'm over 30, ...), so maybe sensible shoes and calcium chews are for women like me.

Many of the common symptoms of PMS mimic those of calcium and vitamin D deficiency. According to the article, "A recent study shows that women who took 1,200mg of calcium a day reduced their PMS symptoms by 50 percent." This is EXACTLY what I needed to read!

I've been tracking my mood over the last couple of months and I've noticed a trend:  The two weeks leading up to my cycle I have absolutely no energy. Sometimes, I'd come home from work and just pass out. Taking naps is fine occasionally, but I was falling asleep super early almost everyday. Didn't even have the energy to do my laundry and I can literally toss my clothes in the machine while sitting on my bed, THAT'S how compact my space is. Then, when my cycle would start, my energy would return to normal. Actually, it feels above normal. It's 12:34 a.m. as I type this now and had this been two weeks ago, I would have been in bed hours ago. Needless to say, I'm trying to get as much writing done this week because next week I may be Sleeping Beauty again. Unless, these Adora tablets work.

After I got my membership at L.A. Fitness last Sunday, the next task on my agenda was to find myself some Adora. I can deal with the moodiness and breast tenderness (they plump when you cook 'em, just like the hot dogs!), but the no energy thing  is a total shut down of operations and that's a no-go for Sandria, Inc. I trekked to "Whole Paycheck" on Roosevelt and picked up two bags of the Premium Dark Chocolate flavor. They were $8.99 a pop and 30 disks are in each bag. I should have just stopped there, but then I started thinking about how maybe I should start taking vitamins again. There goes another 18 bucks. Oh, and I needed some mixed greens to go with the dinner I planned to cook (sidebar: My dinner was FIYAH! Baked chicken, red potatoes, salad and fruit tarts for dessert). I was about to pick up some dead sea salts, but reminded myself that I really only came in there expressly for one specific item.

Do I think this Adora will be a magical cure for PMS? No, not at all. I'm sure with the combination of working out, drinking more water, eating less junk food and more fruits and veggies, taking vitamins and meditating I will see an increase in my energy and decrease in my PMS symptoms, but taking the Adora can't hurt anything. I checked out their Web site and their claims about the benefits of proper calcium intake and nutrition are in line with other things I've read. Queen Afua lays it all out in "Sacred Woman" how food plays such a large role in our health as women, particularly during our cycle. For me, it's just a matter of actually practicing what I read.

Two weeks is a really long time to not operate at your optimal level, so I am really hoping to see some improvements. This is only Day 4 and I know it may take a while to feel some positive effects, but I'm happy to have recognized a pattern. I'm learning to 'go with the flow' and work with my body during its various cycles throughout month.

I'll be like those old ladies in church who always have an endless supply of peppermints, except I'll be passing out calcium chews to all my girlfriends. "Older" women smell like peppermint and "young older women" smell like chocolate. Both groups equally evil.

**Just for the record:  Skinny women really aren't evil. We are very nice people. Shout out to PrettyFluffTV on YouTube for this insightful video, "Skinny Girls ARE NOT Evil."

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