Lemme Put You Up On Game 101: Writers Edition Part 2 feat. Elizabeth Gilbert

Now, I can't talk about Tyler Perry without tipping my hat to Elizabeth Gilbert, aka Ms. Eat, Pray, Love. I imagine white women swarmed for this film just like colored girls did for Tyler and actually, Elizabeth's pimp hand is a little bit stronger because she got considerable support from the sistas, too. I missed seeing the film, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book. I'd seen the book in Borders for the longest--the copyright is for 2006. But, it seems like the Eat, Pray, Love machine just took off overnight, geez!

I missed seeing the film, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on the book. I'd seen the book in Borders for the longest--the copyright is for 2006. But, it seems like the Eat, Pray, Love machine just took off overnight, geez! ! I finally broke down and bought it. Sure glad I did.

The obvious lesson we can learn from Elizabeth is the importance of brilliant marketing and PR, but of course I can never go with the obvious. No, no, no. Lemme tell you how Elizabeth and Eat, Pray, Love REALLY put me up on game: Page 34, Chapter 10.

Page 34 changed my life. Elizabeth writes: "I have quit my job, paid off my divorce settlement and legal bills, given up my house, given up my apartment, put what belongings I had left into storage in my sister's place and packed up two suitcases. My year of traveling has commenced. And I can actually afford to do this because of a staggering personal miracle: in advance, my publisher has purchased the book I shall write about my travels."

Read that passage again and the bolded section.Are you getting this? I read that and damn near dropped the book in "Coming to America"-style when Eddie abruptly dropped the mic. Hush you mouf, Elizabeth! "Staggering personal miracle" indeed. Somebody paid this woman to travel the world for a year for a book she "shall" write. Say word? This book didn't exist. I'm sitting here reading something that was just a figment of her imagination. Someone paid her--I imagine very handsomely--for something that was a concept, a rough outline at best.

Honestly, I was done reading at that point. What more did I need to know? It was time to get on my writing hustle and do an E.G on these cats! Elizabeth is a very accomplished writer and had a body of work that warranted a publisher believing enough in her idea to pay for it in advance. Perhaps they saw the vision of what this could become. I'm sure her compensation is not the first, but this is the case that has impacted me in such a way.

With all this said, I did continue reading and ther pimpery got even deeper. The book is divided into three sections, but only the first two held their weight. The third section, in my opinion was filler. I remember being in college and having to B'S. a paper on occassion. One of the tricks we would use is write and then change the font to Courier New. You could nearly double your content just that easily. I felt like Elizabeth "Courer New'd" her readers with that last section. It seemed underdeveloped and a little pointless, but you best believe she tried her hardest to give it a point. I imagine she was having too much fun romancing and experiencing life to sit down and journal or do whatever she used to record her travels. But, she needed to deliver a book. By any means necessary. I could be wrong...

Regardless, Elizabeth delivered and with the right amount of hype it more than paid off. She has the writing talent to back up the hype--this is very key--but, I'm impressed by her literary pimp hand all the same.

She also put me up on game that there is still very much a market for creative non-fiction and chick-lit type essays. Those who read my work can probably tell I really enjoy this style. Elizabeth gives me hope women around the world will support my work. It will still be a challenge to see if there's room at the table for a black woman that wants to write Eat, Pray, Love type stories, but I never miss a good meal.



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  • Hey Sandi .... we can read it together ... Ticia

  • I meant... read your next book together .. LOL - I have always wanted to read EPL .. maybe I will now ....

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