So now I have to be a writer AND a techie?!?


I've spent four hours trying to troubleshoot why my laptop isn't connecting to the Internet, even though it says my wireless connection is connected and working fine. I've been on the phone with Comcast, I've rebooted and restarted--I don't know what else to do! Everything was working fine earlier.


I'm typing this from my mom's Dell mini and I feel like I'm about to go crosseyed because this screen is waaaay too small. Skip convenience and portability, I need to see! And the stupid apostrophe is not where it should be and it's annoying the hell outta me because everytime I go to hit what's normally the apostrophe key, I end up hitting the ENTER key and jumping to the next line and having to back space and this is becoming way more work than I anticipated.

This isn't convenient at all because none of my documents are saved on this mini. Aargh! I really hope my laptop can be fixed because I can't afford to buy a new one right now and this is not a convenient time for it to fall apart on me. But isn't this the way it always happens? Something important comes up and whatever can go wrong does go wrong.

The only reason I fooled around with it as many hours as I did is because I just KNEW it had to be some button I needed to check or uncheck; some setting I had to fix. Apparently, I'm not as tech savvy as I thought. I'm done for the night! I'll have to figure something else out tomorrow when I'm not so frustrated...

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