If Kanye West was to ghostwrite a rhyme inspired by my life, I think this is what he would say...



I briefly preface this piece by saying I LOVE Kanye. And I secretly think I'm a rapper. And a comedian. That is all.

Maaaan, Maaaaan, I can't afford to get sick
I'm writin for my life cuz I ain't got healthcare
Can't afford to drive, YO, I'm lookin for some bus fare
Promoters steady askin is I'm comin to they shows
But ain't askin how I'm gettin there
So I'm diggin in my pockets, Only 'nuf change for one way,
don't know how I'm gettin back
got loose ends like the 80s group
Guess I'll be late for thaaaaaat


And now I'm stuck up in the house
Hand stuck up on this mouse
FB chattin with this dude from down South
But that's only cuz my Jersey boi was offline
He prolly out wit a witty writer chick who wanna be like me,
Who prolly Google my name more than I Google mine!
What is a Sandria
No it's not's pronounced like sangria
But you can pass me a pitcha of that good stuff then pass the fajitas
Cuz I'm beastingggg
Off the mex-a-keeeen
Pass the Moscato, f**k ya Rieslingggg
That wine is so undergrad and now I'm on my grown -ish
Phone disconnected, now on some dial tone -ish
Look, don't call me, I'll call you
Wait for it like Katt Williams til ya face turn blue
Like a Avatar
Baby I'mma star
If compliments was gasoline fan'll keep me fueled like a car
And I'm headin straight to the finish line
I'm grillin cats in this game like ribs--

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  • "Prime"...time! :-D I swear I could hear the staccato vocals of 'Ye as I was reading this "flow of consciousness". Ha!

  • Ha! Thanks Silkysoul (and now I'm singing Frankie Beveryley and Maze in my head, lol)!

  • So, when is the long awaited album dropping?

  • In reply to Ismail:

    Look for that in 2012! Can I get some beats? lol

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