A Page From the Broke Diaries: Digging for Loose Change

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I felt a little crack-ish on my last visit to the nail shop. I had an impromptu interview to book a promotional modeling gig and I didn't have an opportunity to get my brows or lip waxed. I thought it would be cool since I wasn't in full Teen Wolf status, but as I'm driving I catch a glimple of myself in the mirror. "I can't go to an interview like this!" The brows didn't bother me so much, but the upper lip made me feel too self-conscious. What do I look like meeting someone about modeling and my upper lip is looking like a molded kiwi?! I found a random nail shop and ran inside, hoping they could get me in and out in less than 10 minutes so I wouldn't be thrown off schedule.

I walk in and the place is completely empty. Score!
"Meyihepyou?"  The lone Asian woman doesn't even look at me.
"Yes. Do you do waxing? Eyebrow, lip?"
Huge smile and sigh of relief at this point because I really didn't have much time to bounce from shop to shop.
"I need a lip wax!"
Now we have a problem. I only had a five dollar bill and my bank card. I casually look around the shop for the sign I already know must be hanging somewhere. CASH ONLY. Found it.
"Shoot, I don't think I have a enough!"
The woman promptly went back to ignoring me. Hmmm, so now what? I had to get my lip waxed. Maybe she'd do it for five?! Yeah right! I knew that was not gonna happen. Then I remembered some change I tossed in my purse. Maybe, just maybe, I'd get lucky.  So here I am, digging in my purse for three dollars in change. The first two dollars were easy--found that in all quarters. I found a few dimes an nickels, but finding another dollar didn't look good. Then it hit me:  I am really scrounging in my purse for three dollars so I can get my eyebrows done! What has become of me?!
Self pity wasn't enough to stop me from scrounging, though. It only fueled my inspiration.  As if the angel of hard knock lives spoke in my ear, I remembered I had a ton of change in the right pocket of my jacket. I reached inside and pulled out a hand full of change and it sounded like "aaaaaahhhhh" instead of jingly! We were in business!
"I found it, I have enough!" I made my way over to the woman, handed her the money and she sat me down. The waxing took less than 10 minutes, I made it to the interview 15 minutes early and booked the gig.
What's the craziest thing you've ever "scrounged" up change for? Be honest, lol.


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