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Talk about perfect timing! I knew Lyfe--the platinum selling soul singer/songwriter/producer and 5 X Apollo winner--was expected to hit up The Music Experience at 11:30 this morning and I pulled up at 11:28. This man gets an A+ for punctuality because we walked in at the same time (gotta love a man that sticks to his word!). Lyfe gets extra credit points for also being just totally real--no security or huge entourage. He even Trey Songz'd me--"reached for the handshake, got a hug (hug)!" Lyfe came in and mixed and mingled with everyone in the store like he was an old friend. Which, technically he is.

The first time I met Lyfe was a few years back when my girlfriends and I attended The Experience w/ Lyfe Jennings, a signature event produced by Dedry Jones and his store, The Music Experience. Admittedly, I wasn't a huge Lyfe fan before that event, but after the interview and his performance I was sold. There's no denying Lyfe's talent. His music is inspired straight from his life and his heart.

So, of course Lyfe had to stop by during his Chicago promos and visit The Music Experience family and share what's new.

Lyfe is currently finishing up his fourth studio album, I Still Believe, with an anticipated release date of June 29, 2010 (different from the May 25th release date on the promo flyers).  The first single, "Busy," is available now at Itunes. Lyfe played a few more new tracks for us, including the thought-provoking, "Statistics." This song put me in a similar space as "S-E-X" from his sophomore album, The Phoenix. With cautionary lyrics to young women like, "Don't be a booty call" and "Be the person you want to find," Lyfe is certain "Statistics" will be the breakout hit from the album.

Lyfe fans can also expect a hot summer tour kicking off late June/early July. The tour lineup is ridiculous!! Lyfe, Anthony Hamilton, Raheem DeVaughn, Kem, Jaheim and possibly more! There isn't a scheduled date for Chicago yet, but Lyfe assured me the tour will stop here and you already know it will be classic!

Plenty of good news, right? Lyfe got me all excited about the new CD and the tour, then BAM! Hits me with the bomb that I Still Believe will be his last album! It took a few seconds for that information to compute and I had to ask him to repeat himself. He seems to be serious about this. He wants to concentrate more on his children, building his label and developing other artists and future projects, which include screenplays and a children's book series (Note: Lyfe, if you read this, I am an EXCELLENT book editor! You've got my card *wink*).   It's my guess and my hope that he'll come back like Jordan wearing the 4-5 because his music is too good to retire this soon, but in the meantime, I'll enjoy what he's given to us thus far.

For more about the new album, future plans and why he loved doing The Experience, check out Writeous Media video footage from his in-store visit here.


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