Guilty Pleasures: Writing Distractions Edition


Is there a difference between procrastination and distraction? Let me Google and find out! And the cycle continues...
I've been at my computer about five hours now, doing just about everything but writing. I didn't realize just how deep my writing avoidance issues are until tonight and my fourth trip to look in the refrigerator for a snack; a snack I never found on the previous three trips. Every moment I thought about writing something, either for the blog or for business, it seemed as if I couldn't think of anything to write about.

Just when I was ready to make my fifth trip to the kitchen (I bet God is really smiling down on me today because my spirit of hopefulness is on TEN right now, even if it is about food), I reminded myself that, "In life you must start somewhere, otherwise you'll end up nowhere." That's a quote from Gurmukh, the instructor in my Kundalini Yoga DVD. She has quite a few gems in this video, but that line always sticks out. So, I decided if I really couldn't think of anything to write about, I'd just write about all the distractions keeping me from writing!

Facebook: FB is the Devil! It's also the perfect writing distraction. I uploaded photos from my four-day birthday extravaganza; accepted friend requests from like 2009; commented on status updates; replied to their comments back to me; RSVP'd to upcoming events....then repeated the process over three hours. I finally logged out, but now the distraction is...
My Blackberry: So, my phone vibrates everytime I get a new email (the Gmail and Yahoo accounts) or text message. The Devil that is Facebook is still haunting me because any time someone comments on the birthday photos or a status update I get an email and then my phone buzzes. I can't ignore it. I have to read the message...and then respond from my Blackberry. This is really insane! I'm putting my phone on silent right now.
Televison: I've been spending a lot of time at my mother's house, ever since she came home from the hospital a month ago, and she has cable. I don't have cable or a TV in my home and I kinda feel like I'm "treating" myself by watching all these marvelous programs. The movie Dream Girls came on TNT, so I watched it. Then it came on again right after it ended the first time, and I didn't turn the channel! It was just useless background noise. What's the point in watching TV if it's only watching me? And then I had to ask myself,  Am I really treating myself watching T-Pain's new cartoon on Adult Swim? Really? TV is the Devil, too.
YouTube: I don't know how a person can watch the same video on repeat for 20-30 minutes, but I can. I'll go to YouTube to watch one video and it turns into a six hour DJing set. I've been addicted to music videos since I was a little girl, so it doesn't surprise me. 
Updating my planner: I haven't written in my planner all week, but suddenly *side eye at myself* I got the urge to be uber organized. 
Food: My appetite has become ravenous now that it's time to sit down and do some work, and it's only getting worse because I can't find anything I want to eat. 
Google: Looking up "Is there a difference between procrastination and distraction" is only the tip of the iceberg. A distraction under the guise of scholarly research, puh-leeze.
Sunday sale papers: I don't intend to buy anything from Kmart, JC Penney or Jo-Ann Fabric this week, but all the sales become real page turners when I don't want to write.
My toes: I keep staring at my fresh, pink pedicure. You ever seen babies just randomly play with their toes? Yeah, that's me.
Boys: I'm a little boy crazy. They like to text, so I gotta text back, right?
In retrospect, this list of distractions makes me kinda sad because I see now just how unnecessarily I am wasting my time and my time is the most important asset I have. These distractions aren't deserving of any urgent attention. My phone will be here later. Facebook will be here later. The TV can be turned back on. The food, well, it was never here to begin with, so no love lost there. I guess the writing is all about priorities and not giving in to distractions. Distraction is one of the pathways to procrastination and there's nothing to be gained at the end of that road. I definitely didn't need Google to figure that out.
What's your favorite distraction? Please tell me I'm not out here all by myself, lol! Note: Commenting on blogs is also a great writing distraction. :-)


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  • Dope Blog...Now Get to Writing.

  • In reply to Precise:

    Thanks, Precise! LOL, I did manage to get some writing done before 7pm, which is definitely progress! Thanks for the push :-)

  • How about adding Skype and/or Yahoo IM (Or the dreaded FB IM! EWWW) to your list. I feel you on the BlackBerry too. That little red light is, as you say, the devil. LOL My biggest time waster is "pic researching". I intend to spend only a few minutes looking for a good image to use with my, ahem, productivity article and 45 minutes later...still looking. It's a vicious cycle but hey, we're only human, right? ;)

  • In reply to socialstagg:

    LOL, lucky for me I haven't gotten into Skype or IM yet (and I turn off FB IM), but that "research" issue is a real beast! It's amazing how time slips away...and we're suppose to be the ones that know better, right?

    Thanks for checking out the blog!

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