BET Bans Teairra Mari's "Sponsor" Video? You Can't Be Serious, BET!




Oh wow, is this chick singing, "I got myself a sponsor"?!?

First time i heard this song... 5:14 PM Feb 25th via web

That's what I posted to my Twitter when I initially heard "Sponsor." I had no clue who was singing it (I actually just found out it was Teairra Mari a few days ago), but I couldn't believe that someone made an entire song about having a sponsor. It never really struck me as some -ish to desire or aspire to sing about, but hey, do you. The reality is that the song did what it needed to do--get an immediate reaction. It got me thinking...and talking on the Web about it. Good job! Apparently, BET is not giving Teairra a gold star or anymore airplay for "Sponsor." I heard on the radio earlier this afternoon that the video is being banned for its negative message to women, essentially, encouraging exchanging sex for money and gifts.

I have to be totally honest: I kinda like the song. I sing along with it. It's cutesy, in a very pink bubble gummy kind of way. I like Teairra's airheadish syncopation of her words. Now, the words themselves? Yeah, the message is questionable to say the least:

"He put them low profiles on my car
He treats me to a pedi plus manicure
Anything I ask for from my sponsor he go and bu-bu-buy buy
A baby blue medallion I just got
My feet they speak Italian walk so high
I tell him baby thanks a lot
My sponsor he go and bu-bu-buy buy

He ain't no square
He just like to share
In love with a tipper throwin hundreds in the air
Throw some over here
And Louis, drop the Louis, put the Louis in my lap damn"

If BET has a problem with Teairra's lyrics that's totally fine, but since when did BET develop a guilty conscience about the content and messages their programming promotes?

Out of aaaaaaaaalllll the songs to possibly make an example out of, they choose "Sponsor?" It bothers me because I want to know where was BET's concern when the Ying Yang twins dropped, "The Whisper Song?" Why is Usher's "Little Freak" in the vote lineup for 106th & Park? Usher (with Nicki Minaj co-signing) is telling women, "If you're fu**ing with me/Really fu**ing with me/ You go get some girls bring em to me/ If you fu**ing with me/Really fu**ing with me/ You let her put her hands in your pants be my Little Freak." Are you serious?! I cringe every time I hear this song!

And as much as I love my Chicago rappers, my heart breaks when I hear this sweet, innocent-sounding voice singing, "Daddy? Can you be my daddy? I need a daddy" on Twista's "Wetter." Hearing her sing those words isn't sexual to me; it's creepy, like child pornography, because I think about all the fatherless daughters getting wet for whomever, whenever because they never had a real daddy. The only time they've uttered the words, "Daddy's home," is when they're singing a song or getting penetrated. Do these songs promote a positive message to women?

If BET is going to begin making themselves and artists accountable for their messaging, then they need to do a complete overhaul of their programming and be consistent with what is acceptable for airplay and what is not.

An ex-boyfriend of mine hated doing laundry and loved doing drop off service. I think he actually preferred her doing the laundry over me because if she wasn't in on a particular day he would hold the laundry until she was scheduled to work. That always kinda bothered me, but he said one day in passing, "I really like giving that girl my money!" I admit, she was a beast on the laundry! It always came back neatly folded and bagged up. She did a helluva job. Yes, he had to pay her because that was her job, but he enjoyed paying her (needless to say, I stepped my laundry game up and started taking the extra time to fold laundry even though I hate folding!).  Perhaps Teairra Mari's sponsor enjoys paying her and keeping her in all the finest trappings. Maybe she's not prostituting herself.  Every other song I hear is about a man professing "it ain't trickin' if you got it!," so I guess it's only trickin' if a woman sings about it.

It's definitely a double standard at work, which is nothing new in music or elsewhere. I just find it hilarious that BET decides to start playing watchdog now. I guess this will be a warning to Erykah Badu to never release a video for "Turn Me Away (Get Munny)" because Erykah's song doesn't imply sex for cash, she blatantly puts it out there!

Teairra, I hope your "sponsor" taught you how to invest his ends because this extra publicity should mean some money in the bank for you, girlie!




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  • So how much did you get paid for folding laundry.... were u being sponsored?

  • In reply to Precise:

    LOL, it actually was cheaper having me do the laundry rather than the dropoff service. I definitely wasn't being sponsored. But, it becomes a game of semantics because I've had boyfriends (and friends) do several of the things Teairra mentions in the song.

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