Summer meal plan #8 — on raising healthy eaters

Summer meal plan #8 — on raising healthy eaters
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Last week was another week of hits and misses. I know my husband liked the grilled cheese even though he didn't say anything, but almost an entire package of gnocchi was tossed in the trash after he brought them back from his work lunch nearly untouched. The meatloaf went over well, but not with my older son. As a mom, wife and home cook, sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong line of work! I know that sounds extreme, and of course it is, it's just that this is very much connected to other issues in life — health, relationships, power — it's never about what it's about. I'm having this inner battle about "accepting" things as they are/worrying less about it and "knowing" that my kids should eat healthier and naturally it IS my job to make that happen.

This is all I've come up with: Raising healthy eaters — healthy kids — is not hard as long as the parents are setting a good example (eg, by cooking at home and maintaining healthy diets themselves). Simple, right? The implications, if we're just talking about food, are pretty straightforward. I honestly don't think my kids will be 40 years old and turning up their noses at everything from salad to hot dogs. But if we're talking about health and relationships and powerhow you eat is how you live — I can see why I am standing on the edge of acceptance, afraid to dive in.

WOW that probably sounded so cryptic. Stick around for Wednesday's post...sorry to leave you hanging!

Here's our meal plan for the week:

Monday: Grilled pork tenderloin with all-purpose dry rub for the boys; tomato feta quinoa on the side/for my main course

Tuesday: Cilantro-lime roasted chicken with cauliflower on the side (no curry)

Wednesday: Leftover chicken in flatbread with romaine, Caesar dressing and grated Parmesan cheese; oven "fries" and fruit salad on the side (honeydew, cantaloupe, red grapes, pineapple)

Thursday: Whole-wheat rigatoni with homemade Bolognese sauce; roasted asparagus on the side

Friday: Dinner out

Saturday: Bean griddle cakes (available toppings: ketchup, pickle relish, mustard, buffalo sauce); roasted broccoli on the side

Breakfast: Leftover banana bread, fruit salad and coconut-milk yogurt

Dessert: Apricot squares

Summer treat for the kids: Homemade smoothie pops

I have no idea what I'm going to put in the smoothie pops, but we have plenty of fresh berries, some spinach, some coconut milk — I haven't made homemade popsicles in probably a year, so this will be a fun, quick and easy project that the kids can help out with. One thing I do know is that kids definitely appreciate it when FUN is served up at the dinner table rather than bribes and coercion! What are you eating this week? Leave me a comment and share below. I'd love to swap some recipes!

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