The Desire Map components: Audio, video, print & workbook

Welcome back to my series on The Desire Map, a lovely set of posts on desire, what it means, where it hides and sits in plain sight in your life and how to get in touch with the part of us that's still alive and not just going through the motions, shutting off the alarm clock, commuting, sitting in a cubicle and staring blankly at screens. Reconnect with your desire here.

In my most recent post, the first in the series, I gave you the basic premise behind Danielle LaPorte's latest program, The Desire Map, a beautiful, juicy, deep dive into learning how to reframe your days, weeks, months and years not by the goals you have, accomplish and/or fall short of but rather by creating intentions and goals based upon how you want to feel — whether that's sexy, smart, beautiful, passionate, creative, luminous, energetic, expansive or [insert your favorite feeling word here]. Maybe you've picked up a copy; maybe you've started your own Desire Map on Pinterest or on a bulletin board in your kitchen. Great. Gorgeous. Awesome. I hope you're thinking about it a lot. It should be starting to sink in, sneaking into places you least expect, like morning coffees and book clubs. The wallpaper of your cellphone. Sticky notes.

If you haven't really let the message behind this program sink in yet, let me direct you to a few samples of what you'll get if you decide to commit. It's not just another self-help book or coaching program. Okay, yes, I suppose I've read my fair share of self-help books, and there are probably 20 on my Amazon wish list. But I've never forked over the cash for a life coach. I've never stepped away from my kids to go on a retreat (Kripalu, some day I will visit you, I promise!) and I don't go to any weekly meetings....although a part of me always thinks that, Geneen Roth style, if I put a little ad in the paper and invited a group of women to get together like she did — rollers in her hair, outside of a liquor store, walking to a church basement or something if I recall correctly — we would have an amazing time discussing spirituality and food for mind-body-soul, revealing bits of our authentic selves....but until that day comes, this program is the closest I've ever come to jumping on the Radical Self-Care Bandwagon. I think it's safe to say I picked a darn good place to start! The Desire Map includes:

  • A hard-cover book, which is actually divided into two books: Theory and Workbook. I'll get into the workbook below; the theory portion is all about how the Desire Map process started (SO cute and interesting, and I kinda sorta in a roundabout way feel like I was part of it because I read The Fire Starter Sessions and filmed a video with my "core desired feelings" at the time for the D-Map trailer...which I was too chicken to send in!), why it makes sense, Danielle's experience finding her own CDFs, some beautiful, relevant poetry and quotes, affirmations, instructions on how to put this to daily, practical use...I read it like it was crack. Seriously, I had to quietly sneak away sometimes just to get another page in. You will want to do this too, but make sure you're taking it all in and not just breezing through it to finish another book on your bookshelf. The "Pay What You Can" program through which I purchased D-Map did not include a hard-cover copy of the book, so I read it all digitally...and yet I still want my very own copy of the book. (Hear that, Universe?)
  • If the book is like crack, the Workbook is like crack on heroine. I mean, not to stick with the drug metaphor or anything. But when the light bulb finally flicks on and you realize that THIS IS BIG and your life is literally flipped on its head, suddenly all you can think about is nailing down those CDFs. But the workbook is not just a page or two of brainstorming! Oh no no no; it is cleverly divided into clear and concise sections so that you can tackle problem areas in your love life, work, money, relationships, health and's perfect. Nothing was left out. You are the designer of your newly ignited passions. You might want to crank it all out with some coffee at Starbucks; you may take it to the deck and do it in the sun over a weekend; even if you have only 2 minutes while dinner is nuking every night, you'll be excited and exhilarated to get through it. It's not cumbersome or  just another item tacked on to your to-do list. It is positively electrifying.
  • A note about completing the workbook: The program also includes some video content that will guide you through this process. I didn't realize this until after, but I'm still glad I watched the videos. You'll learn very quickly that Danielle has the voice for this (figuratively and literally) — her soft, kind words will make you melt. I love listening to her speak.
  • Another note: There are also some kick-ass audio playlists to listen to while you're Desire Mapping, whether you're at home or plugged into headphones in a public place. I definitely fell into the category of having to complete a lot of the pages at random times and I think I only listened to one song while I mapped (and it was my own discovery, actually, not on her playlist). However, I'm still listening to the playlists today (open on my computer as I type!), and again, she nailed it. There are also some audio contemplations and just generally groovy sound bites for your mind-body-soul.
  • The program also includes weekly email support and a VERY supportive Facebook group. Really — people there are lifting each other up, helping pinpoint CDFs, posting inspiring quotes and stories — it is a safe place to share, to be seen, to listen to others and to finally connect with like-minded folks.
  • And finally, there are the ENOTES. This is your private little area to, once you've narrowed down your CDFs to four or five, make a little art, pin it, share it on Facebook, make it your screensaver. It's so cute, I would have expected nothing less. As it says at the bottom of the ENOTES page through the D-Map portal: "Let the manifesting begin." If you create a Desire Map board on Pinterest, your CDFs, dreams, goals and plans will feel that much more tangible.

If you have any questions at all about the program, please feel free to comment below, look me up on Facebook or Twitter, follow my Desire Map board on Pinterest or contact Danielle herself. Next time I will explain to you what the process was like for me on a more detailed level in terms of MY core desired feelings and how it's been working with regard to doing, living, speaking and acting in alignment with those feelings. I know you can already sense my enthusiasm and why I am pushing this like a dime bag (there we go again with the drug references! why?!), but I will reiterate one last time today: The program is invigorating, inspiring, motivational and unique. It makes you want to be you, but amplified, without feeling self conscious, times a trillion. It floods you with all those feel-good endorphins that just make you want to get up and DO SOMETHING! So here I go — I'm leaving you for a while (just a week, I promise!) — to try to figure out how getting my 3-year-old to nap can align with my CDFs. I am convinced like never before that it all fits together somehow, like a beautiful, engaging, ever-changing jigsaw puzzle. That is life — chocolate and stubbed toes and sunny days and all.


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