So have you broken your resolutions yet?

I know that's a terrible way to phrase it, but let's face it...most people don't even START until today, which I think makes starting even harder. January 1st, yesterday, was the first day of the year, hungover or not. (Don't let that deter you, however, if you don't even have a list of goals or resolutions yet — it's never too late to start!)

But anyways, I am doing well. I know that I am on the right path here, because symptoms that I was experiencing for the past several weeks as I strangely noticed how few fruits and vegetables I was eating and how much MORE sugar was suddenly back in my diet (Christmas cookies, coffee cake, peppermint mochas, etc) have vanished. Like, NOTICEABLE symptoms. Yucky, scary symptoms. And we'll leave it at that.

So all signs are pointing to go. I've been drinking green teas instead of trying to ignore the nausea I felt after indulging in a cup of coffee. I started yesterday with fresh fruit and today with a dried fruit bar. Meat, milk and egg consumption has been considerably reduced, although I didn't plan all the week's meals around fighting inflammation so we will be having beef again tonight. But there's fish in the freezer, whole-wheat pasta in the cupboard, my countertops are overflowing with pomegranates, pears, apples, kiwis, oranges and clementines and I even made some amazing quinoa granola for a snack this AM.

That spells success to me!

I really don't want to look back a month from now and find this to be just another "diet" on my list of past failures. I can't afford it in terms of my health. So while this feels eerily familiar — gosh, that sounds awful, as if writing about my successes is only a distant memory — I remain optimistic. My body is CRAVING vegetables. I am constantly making lifestyle changes and swaps, and in just under 48 hours it actually feels really good to say that.

I will admit, I have not signed up at the gym yet. But that IS on my to-do list. And I bet that applies to about 30 million other Americans. Stay the course! Fight the good fight! Actually, no. Don't look at it that way. As I said in my previous post, be kind and gentle to yourself on this journey. It CAN be easy. It does NOT have to feel like torture. Hunger will not kill you. Sweat is sexy. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for you, your family, your career, even your spiritual life.

There will be haters who ask the same thing: How many resolutions have you broken already? So I'm stealing this from Dr Frank Lipman: Maybe don't call them resolutions. Call them evolutions. You won't lose 5 lbs tonight. But you will gain self-respect.

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