Ask and you shall receive: My New Year's resolution cleanse

You may recall from yesterday my post about not wanting to worry any more about what I eat. Well, all I have to say is this:

Ask and you shall receive.

There are a few things I haven't told you guys yet, because to some extent they're still ongoing. One is the fact that I'm reading Gabby Bernstein's May Cause Miracles, and I must say even after only Day 8 some interesting little miracles have taken place. Synchronicities, coincidences, whatever you want to call them. Case in point: I distinctly remembered Danielle LaPorte recently saying in a blog post, basically, you never know until you ask. So when I heard about Dr Frank Lipman and Terri Cole's joint 21-day mind-body cleanse project, I thought WOW. This is something I could do, with all the amazing help and support they're offering with this program. They literally call it 'Detox for Dummies.' I don't have to think or worry about what I eat; it's all planned out for me; I just have to cook it, take some vitamins and mix up a few protein shakes. You know I love a good meal plan...but you also know I'm on a budget.

And so I asked:

Might Dr Lipman and Ms Cole be thinking about sponsoring anyone on this journey?

It came down to the wire, but Marie from Terri's team emailed me last night to say they had ONE PACKAGE LEFT that had been set aside to provide to someone free of charge.

A 21-day cleanse.

Mind, body, heart and soul.

Not just food — this well-thought-out program includes psychotherapy, journaling exercises, tips and tricks, recipes, emails, phone calls, daily guidance...The biggest and best cleansing opportunity out there, I'd argue. Most don't bother to address why we need the cleanse in the first place. Sure, to eliminate toxins from the body. But in my case I think a lot of it starts in the black hole that is my brain.

So there's not much more to say, yet. This week I'm "stepping down" my intake of coffee (you know I don't drink TOO much of the stuff any more anyways), alcohol — which WILL be hard for me because I really enjoy my 5:30pm glass of wine most days — gluten, dairy and sugar. The last three will be the hardest for me. I loathe cooking brown rice; when I do have coffee I have milk in it, and sugar, although indulged in sparingly, I really do appreciate in the occasional donut hole or M&M.

But the bottom line is, this is what I need. And I had forgotten all about that email that I'd sent! So out of the blue, and out of the kindness of their hearts, these people are really going to help me eliminate sugar and these other nasties from my diet, COMPLETELY, as long as I don't cheat, and with the full support of their prepackaged vitamins, shakes and mental/emotional support over 14 days so that I can truly see once and for all how I feel eating 100% clean. Can I do it? Of course I have my doubts. Being around martinis and bleu cheese and ice cream without enjoying any of it will be a true test of how committed I am to Just This Once ridding my body of all of those toxins.

Through Terri's portion of the program I hope to truly ask myself WHY I self sabotage. WHY do I have this rebellious streak and thus am already craving peppermint mochas again? WHY do I want to cheat myself out of good health?

I will be writing about the cleanse as often as possible, hopefully daily, as I attempt to decrease my intake of the above toxins, leading up to Monday when it ALL has to be out. I have meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, everything a girl could ask for who doesn't want to do the thinking and worrying any more. My very own little miracle wrapped up in a box (which I'm expecting on my porch by the end of the week)!

Oh yeah — and if you want to join me, click here. Registration THROUGH TOMORROW ONLY! This is literally being presented to me as a gift, so I have to do it justice. Follow me here, on Twitter, on facebook, whatever floats your boat — I'm SURE I'll have lots to say, and I could use your support. I'll have your back, too, if you choose to join in the fun.

Happy cleansing!


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