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Today's post will be short and to the point, mostly because I'm behind on the whole developing of ideas thing. I will probably write here about family just as often as I do about food, but I'm not really a Mommy Blogger — sorry if that disappoints; some of you, however, are undoubtedly jumping for joy. (Even though I'm one of them I think we'd all agree there are way too many of us "food" bloggers and "Mommy" bloggers already...but you can't cramp the craft when it calls.)

I will be, from time to time, posting lists (you know you love a good list) of my very own personal Mom Confessions. These are things I wouldn't normally admit face to face to a friend, perhaps, but here I am — laying it all out there for a bunch (well, mostly) of strangers to read. Just because I can.

I have to write these things down when they come to me lest I forget my own disgusting habits, but luckily they don't happen TOO often, otherwise Children and Family Services would probably be after me.

So without further adieu...

  1. During the warm-weather months, I often have to make sure my legs are shaved "enough" to wear capri pants. That means, about up to my knees. No more, no less. Yeah. I'm that crunched for time. AREN'T YOU?
  2. Yes, it looks like I have bigger boobs now than when I was nursing...that's because I'm back to my regular (lined? padded? what's the correct word here? ain't no miracles happenin' anywhere, folks) bras and not the unflattering nursing kind. Never had enough milk, never will. These things just don't grow.
  3. When I'm out of clean underwear, I wear my Spanx briefs. And I hate every minute of it.
  4. Yesterday, while "cleaning," I put away one of my shirts in a drawer after saying to myself, Doesn't smell too funky... And shortly after that, I tossed a Cheerio into a toy bin, because it was closer than the garbage can.

And there you have it, my friends. I couldn't even make it to 5 items — which is probably a good thing. Pinky promise I'll post something less repulsive tomorrow.


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  • I do have to agree that there are too many mommy and sport and progressive bloggers on Chicagonow, but if that is what pays the bills, I guess we have to live with it.

    Let's face it, nobody cares what a dad thinks, nor a non-sports nut or a conservative here. Editorial has to post what sells, so mommy blog away, and you will be featured.

    No need to apologize.

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