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Got five minutes for some people watching?

Hello all I was heading downtown today for class when I saw a girl walking with her chest pushed out like a foot in front of her ass. Made me think: what her makes her move her body that way? Does she think that she needs to draw attention to her low cut shirt? I’m... Read more »

So you're asking ME to give up MY money?!?

Another day walking down Michigan another five people ask me if I can give them some money. My money rarely leaves my pocket but sometimes I can’t help but feel awful. I mean, it has been cold out. Can we really pretend every homeless person out there finds a shelter every single night? But you... Read more »

When horrible things happen, it’s good to take some time to think.

When horrible things happen, it’s good to take some time to think.
There’s a lot of bad things happening in a lot of different places, and as many bad people. Why do they do these things? What makes you and me different from them? Violence. It’s a difficult subject to think about. Easy to remember, whether you’ve experienced it or you’ve watched it, but difficult to really... Read more »
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