It would be pretty hard to sum up a life in a few paragraphs don't you think? Well anyways if I had to pick the most important things about myself to tell you, I've lived for 19 years, this is my second in the city. I'm from Rhode Island, which is a state on the east coast in case you've never heard of it. I started playing guitar the summer before seventh grade, which is the only way I remember it. I just calculated that was when I was freshly twelve years old. I forget when I started actually writing lyrics and trying to match them up with something you could call "guitar playing," but what I can do now is at least a better evolution of the early early days.

I'm currently at school in the city. It's great. Columbia College Chicago, Fiction Writing. Rhode Island was so small. Small place cramped with people, leads to trouble and boredom. Chicago though, it's impossible to get bored, the allure of which being what brought me here in the first place. School's good though, it's good to use your mind.

I write songs for a few reasons.

A lot of people write to express themselves or to tell someone something. I like the idea of music, well as an idea. So take what I have to tell you, for whatever it's worth, but know that I write because I love it.

And now I share it because I was beginning to think it's selfish to keep good things to yourself, and ideas, mine or from anyone are all certainly good things worth sharing.