Got five minutes for some people watching?

Hello all

I was heading downtown today for class when I saw a girl walking with her chest pushed out like a foot in front of her ass. Made me think: what her makes her move her body that way? Does she think that she needs to draw attention to her low cut shirt? I'm not one of those people that agonize over dressing in stylish outfits but I do understand that some people care about the way they look. She was wearing a yellow V-neck with jean shorts. An attractive sight to glance at, but her demeanor intrigues me more than the skin she reveals. Does she want attention? Did certain events of her childhood lead her to walk in such a way? Would she be opposed to having strangers hit on her while she's walking down the road? How would her friends and family judge the way she walks? I've never thought about the way someone walks as a way to assume about their character.

Anyone that writes can appreciate my excitement on this subject. It's not like this particular girl sparked all kinds of brain activity, but the fact that I was able to look into a complete strangers life just based on how they walk in public is cool. Writers have to take inspiration from everything in the real world, especially the people around us.

So take five minutes to observe someone in public. See if you can make an acceptable assumption about the person involved in your experiment. Think about how you walk, even how your friends walk with you. Look at confidence, awareness of surroundings and any subtle movements or giveaways that your subjects portray. LEARN SOMETHING PEOPLE

Happy hunting

Officer Ran Bo Bandy


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  • Maybe she had a bad case of lordosis, Sherlock.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    okay bud good input

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