It's okay to make some friends

This is probably something you all know already but... it's okay to make some friends. If you're like me and you enjoy being alone just remember: you're missing out on everyone else. Today when I was walking home I got to thinking about the first writing tutor I ever had. He's moved on to bigger and better things now, namely the position of managing editor for a well liked literary magazine, but when I contacted him today he still remembered me. Long story short, I rekindled a friendly relationship that had started out completely by accident and now we're getting together to talk about writing. He's not just my friend, he's also my connection to the writing world. It's funny how you meet someone and then years later you're reconnecting like no time at all has passed. That kind of relationship is special and should be experienced by all of us. I used to think I could do it all alone, until I couldn't and I started going INSANE. It's my friends that always pull me back from the void. You all know this, I know, but in case you are the loner type or in case you and a friend have been fighting, just apologize and reconnect. There's no time like the present for something so sweet.

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