So you're asking ME to give up MY money?!?

Another day walking down Michigan another five people ask me if I can give them some money. My money rarely leaves my pocket but sometimes I can't help but feel awful. I mean, it has been cold out. Can we really pretend every homeless person out there finds a shelter every single night? But you can't go around handing out money to every person who asks for it.

Unless everyone did.

American's can't ask the rich elite to solve all their money problems, but personally I think if people have millions saved couldn't they just give some back? No, probably not and I don't blame them.

I was standing in line at Aldi with my usual food. Thirty six bucks of random frozen food, typical unhealthy shit, but enough to feed a small village. The lady in front of me had two twelve-packs of Ramen,(Chicken and Beef flavored) a loaf of bread, coffee creamer and a gallon of milk. I'm just assuming, but  it was a normal day at the grocery store for both of us.

The point

If that lady can live so frugally and still be a productive member of society, why can't the richest of us give a little bit to allow people in poor situations a break?

So you're asking ME to give up MY money?!?


I wouldn't ask... but at this point I think amassed money for the common people is the fastest way to make life better for everyone


What do I know rich people I'm just a stupid kid



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