Nothing’s ever easy, especially when you need help from a company

I feel I must explain myself about something that’s really been pissing me off lately. Most of us have computers, laptops and desktops and tablets or whatever your family can afford. I got a laptop from dell, it’s pretty good, came with windows 8 a big hard drive and good RAM. I’m a PC gamer, so I like my equipment fresh and powerful. I didn’t pick out this laptop, it was a Christmas gift, but I was still very pleased at the pricing and technical specs of my new machine. ANYWAYS, the first time I go to use it the internet doesn’t connect. Great, just what I needed. A computer that is basically blind to the outside world, in other words, a computer that is completely useless to me. The connection appears sometimes, just to give me a sliver of hope that everything is working fine, but it’s not. You know when computers just always seem to confuse and you and basically just try to hurt you as much as they can by not working? Well that’s what has been happening.

So I call support. This is where I have found my problem. Support attempt, day one: I call, tell the representative my name, service tag, and problem. The rep then cheerily informs me that I have reached the wrong department and that I must be transferred. I comply. I hold. I hold. An automated voice thanks me for waiting over a hundred times. I eat dinner. I play a game of Company of Heroes. I never get a new rep.

So I call the next day. Support attempt, day two: I get the number given to me by the first support rep and call that, thinking that at 12 noon on a Monday they will be less busy. I wait about ten minutes, he takes my service tag and name, then asks me my problem. I tell him my problem, giving him more detail this time, hoping that he would quickly provide a fix. It is only an internet connection problem after all. But no, he transfers me. Repeat this process four more times, with four different departments of Dell Support, and four different reps. I’m currently still waiting for the fifth, it has been a while now. On the third rep my patience broke a little and I told him that I kept getting transferred but no one was helping me beyond finding out my name and problem. He transferred me. I told the next dude the same thing, except I yelled a little at the end because I was really starting to get aggravated. He didn’t even wish me a nice day before transferring me. The fifth, who, at this point in the article I’ve already talked to and gotten transferred by, sympathized with the fact that I was getting bounced around and tried to explain why. After his lengthy statement and upon finding out that I had windows 8 he sheepishly explained he had to transfer me and that he was sorry. Another fifteen minutes, another rep. This one didn’t bother asking my service tag, but somehow already had all my basic information from the last rep, go figure. But anyways he was great and fixed my problem, and I haven’t stopped gaming yet. Just kidding, during the phone call with number six his voice started having some Darth Vader like effects and I couldn’t understand a word he said. Eventually as I was stammering to tell him that I had no idea was he was saying, his voice cut out and my phone connection died. So, now I’m left with a blank phone, with no number to call, and the daunting prospect of transferring 400 times again should I decide to start the support process over.

It’s like when you don’t save a piece of work and it gets deleted, or when you make a cake for a wedding then drop it on the front step as your walking out the door. It’s frustrating business. But what I’ve learned from it all is you’ve just gotta let it go for now and try again tomorrow.

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