On a day like Christmas money shouldn’t exist

On a day like Christmas money shouldn’t exist
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Last week I wrote about Dylan’s song about the evils of corruption, this week it’s Christmas eve and I’ve had to sit through loads of Holiday fun  already. The general theme this week is that money sucks and it corrupts all the good people. Money is power and power is relative, so all the hurting and hating for money is all done for a relatively pathetic cause. I can’t tell everyone how to live, but the existence of money and currency block out what should really be important in one’s life. What you choose to find important is up to you, but I can tell you when you’re dead and gone money won’t get you all that far…

Here's a link to my song for this week, called The Train


If Master’s of War is a letter to the corrupt, then my song the Train is a letter to those that wish to send letters of their own. It is my fourth time attempting to record this song, this being the best sounding take. I used audacity as usual, recorded with one track both guitar and vocals at the same time. I have a hard time finding a balance between wailing in the recording and whispering, and this is a good example of where I found something like a balance

The song is about a few different things, the main theme being that I want the listener to think about his/her own existence as a human and why it might be special. I try to live in a way that I won’t regret if I have the chance to look back and judge when I’m grey and withering. I feel like if all the people doing horrible things would think like that humanity would fix itself and the world. “Money should not exist.” That’s pretty much how I feel. We are given everything we need to survive, including the chance to exist, and yet money, a thing created by us, tears us apart and puts a cost on those necessities. The cost is inequality and power-struggles, spilled blood and hate. Money causes greed, which leads some to domination and others to inevitable servitude.

But wouldn’t society collapse without money? Probably. This society. But if people got on board with the idea, the idea of living freely and happily and peacefully, than a lot of things would be possible. Who has the right to tell me this is the right or wrong way to live? I have the right to inform others of my personal opinions and objections on humanity, and you have the right to listen or debate your own ideas. I encourage that, I encourage for you to prove me wrong, on any point. One of the few reasons I admire Bob Dylan was because he challenged people to try and figure him out, because (I think) he thought in the process listeners would learn something about themselves, and that’s all I’m trying to do.


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