Got five minutes for some people watching?

Hello all I was heading downtown today for class when I saw a girl walking with her chest pushed out like a foot in front of her ass. Made me think: what her makes her move her body that way? Does she think that she needs to draw attention to her low cut shirt? I’m... Read more »

Recording I found from back in the day

I recorded this near a year ago with my webcam. I was found it again tonight, thought it was worthy of the internet. :] cheers Andrew

It's okay to make some friends

This is probably something you all know already but… it’s okay to make some friends. If you’re like me and you enjoy being alone just remember: you’re missing out on everyone else. Today when I was walking home I got to thinking about the first writing tutor I ever had. He’s moved on to bigger... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

So you're asking ME to give up MY money?!?

Another day walking down Michigan another five people ask me if I can give them some money. My money rarely leaves my pocket but sometimes I can’t help but feel awful. I mean, it has been cold out. Can we really pretend every homeless person out there finds a shelter every single night? But you... Read more »

Music as story

This is a song I wrote a while ago, it’s called “In a town by a river.” My usual lyric writing process includes picking some kind of message or meaning and then write a song based around it, but with this piece I decided to create a story and then write a song that tells... Read more »

If you're into that solo acoustic music

I just added some new music, nothing major but maybe somebody will like what they hear:D if the link doesn’t work for some reason: Peace!

Music as Story by Yours Truly

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing just fine on this day. Anyways, I recorded one of my songs today because I thought you all might like a nice story. Haha maybe, maybe not, but I wrote it for you all so… enjoy:)

Anyone else love Ray Charles? Of course you do!

This is one of Ray’s most popular songs and in my opinion is one of the most fun to cover on acoustic guitar. I adapted his full band version by taking the chord progressions used in the song and making them “my own.” No, I didn’t play the song note for note, and I certainly... Read more »

Consuela performed by Zeb Gould

This is a guitar song that I was recently referred to by Pandora. The kid’s got some tricks and he is relatively unknown, a perfect candidate to get a nod from me. Some of his other songs have lyrics, this one is instrumental. If you want a little sunshine to listen to today, give Zeb... Read more »

A song for whoever's left

This is a song I wrote for anyone left still alive at the end of humanity’s current destructive path. who’s your favorite folksinger? answer: Phil Ochs