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Musicians plus Halloween equals Adorable!

Here is Adam Levine as Rambo.  It's funny because he's thin and not at all scary.  Get it?
I’m not a fan of Halloween, although I tolerate it better now that my kids don’t require costume assistance, but who doesn’t LOVE to see their Facebook feed full of adorable kids in their costumes?  Luckily enough, some of my FB friends are already test driving their tots’ costumes for public consumption.  It got me... Read more »

Name that musical college grad

Local boy Andrew Bird kept it close to home by attending Northwestern and earning a degree in Violin Performance, a major I assuredly never contemplated myself.
This is the third summer out of the past four that we have been preparing to send someone off to college (or as I like to say, “leave Mom”).  I remain hopeful that one of my kids will choose to major in Becoming a Big Music Star- I’ve always told them they can do anything! ... Read more »

Awkward meet-and-greet photos: The Avril response

The awkward photo heard round the world.  Avril sure does love her fans!
By now you may have seen the viral photos of Avril Lavigne’s meet-and-greet session in Brazil.  This is a common event amongst pop stars: for a fee, fans can pose before concernts with their beloved rockers.  Avril supposedly put some strict restrictions on her fans (no touching or hugging), and based on the photos I’m guessing... Read more »

Captain & Tennille to divorce: A look at other married music duos

Captain & Tennille - “The Captain” (real name Darryl) was a keyboardist for The Beach Boys when he answered an ad to help out with Toni’s ecology themed musical (huh!), and the rest is history.  Apparently it has frequently been reported that they married on Valentine’s Day in 1974; however, they actually got married on Veteran’s Day 1974 (almost the same thing). They never had kids, so at least we don’t have to worry about children impacted by a future broken home.  Small comfort…
Today brought us the devastating news that after 39 years of marriage, Captain & Tennille are divorcing.  I once read that Michael Jackson spent his entire post-Thriller life trying to achieve that same level of success with subsequent albums.  Were Captain & Tennille similarly plagued by a quest to outdo “Muskrat Love,” finally giving up... Read more »

2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Look-Alikes

Before he ditched his stage name in favor of his new Islamic moniker, Cat Stevens needed a haircut and a shave...
A couple weeks ago the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced.  For the past couple years, I have done kind of a cheat sheet post about the inductees, a primer if you will.  I did the same this year, and when I finished I decided it was realllly boring (unless you find... Read more »

Christmas in the City (of Chicago): A Gallery

This is the first picture I took.  It's outside the Willis Tower (or Sears Tower as I still like to think of it).  It was a foggy morning walking to work, and the bright trees looked so pretty.
Shortly after Thanksgiving, I snapped a few pictures in downtown Chicago that felt very “Christmas” to me.  I posted them to my Facebook page, and got a good response, so I started seeking out shots that felt very classic Christmas in Chicago to me.  I’ve compiled them here in one gallery for you to enjoy... Read more »

Christmas album covers are the new selfies

Poor, poor sad Mary J. Blige does not look like she is going to be having a very merry (Mary) Christmas.  It's so sad that you hardly even notice the white fur coat resting gently against her flawless skin.
You can hardly throw a stick these days without hitting someone making a Christmas album- possibly it’s written into their contracts?  Some artists are ambitious and try to come up with some new material, but largely they’re all just singing the same old songs.  How can someone possibly distinguish themselves from everyone else competing for... Read more »

Singer Moms and Their Babies

And if you don't know that Beyoncé's baby is Blue Ivy you must have recently been released from a prison that doesn't give you access to E!  I'm fascinated by the hair!
I have babies on the brain right now- I’m a new aunt!  Even though this is my sixth time being an aunt, the youngest one (until two days ago) is in fourth grade, so our whole family is excited to have a new baby.  I decided to combine my excitement about the new family baby... Read more »

Risqué Rolling Stone covers: Miley Cyrus is hardly breaking new ground

Risqué Rolling Stone covers: Miley Cyrus is hardly breaking new ground
The internet has been abuzz this past week with news of the Rolling Stone cover featuring a nude 20 year old Miley Cyrus.   Why this has been such a hot topic of conversation is a bit puzzling as Miley has proven in the past few weeks that she not only welcomes controversy but might... Read more »

Jimi Hendrix was a One Hit Wonder

Beck – "Loser" (#10 in 1994) – Beck is one of those artists who I feel like I should know more about but then assume he’s just too cool for me.  It turns out he might be too cool for everyone as this was his only song to break into Billboard’s Top 40.  It helped Beck get a deal with a major label.  “Loser” was an extension of the songs he used to perform in small clubs and coffee houses where he would make up ridiculous lyrics to see if people were listening.  Looks like they were!
Recently I have discovered a podcast called Stuff You Should Know, which covers various fascinating topics and discusses them in detail.  This morning, I listened to an episode on one hit wonders and have since spent several hours compiling this blog as found it so interesting. First, what is the definition of a one hit... Read more »