Why music mandates that you vote for Rubio

Why music mandates that you vote for Rubio
Who likes what? You best educate yourself.

Did you read my post last week that suggested you should heed the opinions of your favorite musicians in deciding who to vote for?  Don’t read that; you shouldn’t listen to other people when deciding where to cast your vote.  Instead, let’s turn that on its head: what musician do the candidates like?  Now that is an issue I can get behind- I feel it speaks to me more than income inequality, walls around the outside of the country or foreign lands that I am only vaguely familiar with.  Let’s take a look.  I think you’ll find some of the results of my study as enlightening as I did.

Note: This started out as a non-partisan post, but I actually did change my opinion of some of the candidates based on what you see below.

Bernie Sanders – He likes Willie Nelson and Beethoven.  He cites The Temptations and The Supremes as favorites when he was younger.  He also admits to enjoying ABBA and Celine Dion.

What this tells us: I’m not sure how the youngsters will feel the bern if they’re trying to relate to classical music and the sound of the seventies.  It sounds like in his younger days he wasn’t afraid to loosen up a bit, so if he can tap back into that he might be in business.

Hillary Clinton – Ms. Clinton likes the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and The Doors.

What this tells us: {yawn} While no one will dispute the talent behind these bands, neither will anyone dispute that they had their day back in the sixties.  If Hillary can’t produce something more contemporary, I would seriously question how open-minded she is to new ideas.  It sounds like she might live in the past.

Ted Cruz – He said this on “CBS This Morning” last year: “I actually intellectually find this very curious, but on 9/11, I didn’t like how rock music responded.  And country music, collectively, the way they responded, it resonated with me.”

What this tells us: In short I disagree, but this is a matter of opinion.  I respect that he did give it some thought and proceeded accordingly.

Jeb Bush – I literally couldn’t find anything recent about his musical inclinations.  According to a recent Rolling Stone article, “he is said to lean toward country.”

What this tells us: I find this to be a huge red flag.  Purportedly leaning toward country is hardly evidence of a solid stance.  Would he be afraid to make a foreign policy decision under pressure, as well?

Donald Trump – I couldn’t find much about what kind of music he actually likes, only music he is using at his rallies.  He has been known to blast Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” in relation to his ongoing quest to have Cruz booted back up to Canada (or at least booted out of the presidential race).

What this tells us: Trump used music only as a tool but not for enjoyment.  Is he human?

Chris Christie – Bruce Springsteen and lots of it.

What this tells us: They’re both Jersey boys, so Christie comes by it honestly, although I’m not sure he and Bruce necessarily share the same political views.  Just to prove he’s not a fairweather fan, Christie’s favorite album is “Born to Run,” which also might be my favorite album, so he’s getting some unexpected points from me (I bet he’s going to be excited about that, too).

Ben Carson – Lots of classical music but also enjoys Motown.

What this tells us: Well, he’s from Detroit, so him liking Motown is like Christie liking Springsteen- it’s probably mandatory in their neck of the woods.  That being said, I have a secret desire to be a Motown singer, so I like to think that maybe Ben and I could do some sort of duet together.

John Kasich – I’m not making this up: Kasich likes Christian music, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, “some Justin Timberlake,” used to like Kanye but not so much anymore, and The Cincinnatti Enquirer said this last year about Kasich’s experience listening to The Roots: “He found the lyrics so vulgar he said he pulled over to the side of the road and tossed the CD out of the car. No need for what he considered ‘offensive drivel’.”  But above all, “I’ve always kinda liked music, I think it’s really cool.”

What this tells us: I don’t know where to start- his musical taste seems to be all over the place, although I suppose you could interpret that as diverse or eclectic.  The information about The Roots is a little troubling but might be consistent with the Christian music.  The words “vulgar” and “drivel” would generally not be used in connection with that group.  Conversely, they’re considered one of the milder and more thoughtful hip hop groups.  If Kasich thinks they are vulgar, I’m not sure he is really going to fit with the mainstream.

Marco Rubio – I saved the best for last: he likes WEST COAST RAP- he can actually speak knowledgably about the differences between the lyrics of Tupac versus Biggie.  And (this just in) he has become interested in electronic dance music during the past couple years, specifically Avicii and Calvin Harris.

What this tells us: He’s open-minded, both in terms of listening to new kinds of music and in seeing the message behind the words; he described rappers as “reporters.”  Maybe this tells us he would be open to listening to alternative opinions.  Huh!

So there you have it, a veritable primer about the candidates.  I hope you find it helpful when you head to the polls!


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