Let your favorite musicians guide your voting decisions

Let your favorite musicians guide your voting decisions
Forget Bill- this is the real power couple.

Get excited for primary season!  If you employ the technique that most people use of letting your favorite musicians dictate who you vote for, this is a quick and dirty primer that will be particularly important if you live in Iowa and need to scurry off to the caucuses tomorrow (note to self: review high school social studies to brush up on what the caucuses are).  It turns out musicians are a left-leaning bunch, and I can say with confidence that the cool kids are primarily (get it?) supporting Hillary.  The Republicans seem to be struggling with pop culture street cred, and I have to wonder if a candidate ever declines a celebrity endorsement.  Can’t you picture Ben Carson politely telling Kid Rock “no thank you”?  I’m pretty sure some of the Hillary supporters are not registered US voters, but that doesn’t stop them from voicing their opinion, just as it shouldn’t stop you from being influenced by their opinions.  Here you go, I hope this helps!

Jeb Bush
• Toby Keith

Ben Carson
• Kid Rock

Ted Cruz
• Justin Bieber (*Canadian kinship)

Marco Rubio
• Babyface
• Johnny VanZant (lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Donald Trump
• Loretta Lynn
• Wayne Newton
• Ted Nugent

Bernie Sanders
• Foster the People
• Red Hot Chili Peppers
• Dave Matthews
• Jackson Browne
• Art Garfunkel
• Bonnie Raitt
• Jeff Tweedy
• Many rappers, strangely

Hillary Clinton (sample only)
• Tony Bennett
• Beyoncé
• Michael Bolton
• Cher
• Elton John
• John Legend
• James Taylor
• Pharrell Williams
• Sting
• Snoop Dogg

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