Captain & Tennille to divorce: A look at other married music duos

Today brought us the devastating news that after 39 years of marriage, Captain & Tennille are divorcing.  I once read that Michael Jackson spent his entire post-Thriller life trying to achieve that same level of success with subsequent albums.  Were Captain & Tennille similarly plagued by a quest to outdo “Muskrat Love,” finally giving up on each other, as well?  I don’t know the answer to that.  Quite honestly, I didn’t know they were actually married- for some reason I thought they were like the Eurythmics- rather vague in their relationship status (after all, their fame predated Facebook, so how would we know?).

My sister smartly proposed that I examine other married music duos.  Is recording, touring, promoting together non-stop good or bad for a relationship?  Let’s take a look.

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