Singer Moms and Their Babies

I have babies on the brain right now- I’m a new aunt!  Even though this is my sixth time being an aunt, the youngest one (until two days ago) is in fourth grade, so our whole family is excited to have a new baby.  I decided to combine my excitement about the new family baby with a shameless rip-off of another ChicagoNow blog, Hammervision (see: Cute Actors With Cute Puppies).

While I think my new niece is the cutest, sweetest baby around, it’s a fact that all babies are cute- except the ones who are (gulp) breathtaking.  None of these cuties are cause for faux gushing, they’re all adorable in their own right.  I present you with singer moms and their babies (I don’t even know why I limited it to moms.  Maybe I’ll do dads and their babies some other day).

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